Two 4th generation female idol members who have pretty faces and good voices

Aespa Karina

NMIXX Sullyoon

1. I thought of Winter

2. Karina sings well, but I think she’s good at rapping too… (I’m saying she raps well by idol standards). Sullyoon also sings well… All of the NMIXX members have great vocal skills

3. Both are so pretty and sing well

4. Both are so good… They even dance well

5. I thought of Sullyoon and Miyeon

6. I don’t know because I’ve never heard Karina sing live (I’m not saying she can’t sing). I agree with Sullyoon… I heard her sing and she sings so well

7. It feels like Karina’s vocal skills are being overshadowed by her looks

8. I was surprised when I heard Sullyoon’s voice…

9. Karina sings well?.. Isn’t it Winter instead?

10. I don’t know about Karina because I’ve never heard her sing live, Sullyoon sings so well

11. Isn’t Miyeon the best at this?

12. Karina…?

13. Karina is good at singing, rapping and dancing, she’s daebak

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No at both of them


this is so funny coming from a wonyoung stan


Remember strawberry moon?? Does that tickle you brain abit? 😂😂😂


Well just go search aespa encore, u will know how good karina sing live lol


It seems that knetizens don’t consider gidle as 4th generation.


If its 4th gen, its Minnie of gidle or Swan of purplekiss to me. Others are so bland

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