TXT headlines 2023 Lollapalooza with NewJeans, netizens think that TXT and NewJeans are being pushed in the US

Lollapalooza Chicago will be held in August 2023 (Korean singers TXT/NewJeans/DPR/The Rose will perform)

1. NewJeans is awesome, TXT is awesome too

2. Well, NewJeans is so popular. I hope Korean idols do better

3. Last year, TXT’s stage at Lollapalooza was so good, I want to go this time

4. Daebak, TXT headlines 2023 Lollapalooza

5. I saw an article on Kakao that TXT and NewJeans will be pushing in the US this year, and HYBE is really pushing them in the US

6. I know that NewJeans has good reactions in the US, but is TXT popular in the US? I don’t mean to be sarcastic, I don’t know anything about male idols except BTS

7. Wow, the agency is really important

8. DPR and The Rose seem to have more foreign fans than I thought

9. I’m looking forward to NewJeans’ performance

10. NewJeans standing on such a big stage, they’re amazing

11. Wow, I like TXT and NewJeans, so I’m excited

12. The lineup is crazy

13. Oh my God!! I’m so excited for TXT and NewJeans

14. Looks like NewJeans is about to enter the US market

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Color color stan

Of course they’re pushed in the US, it’s pretty obvious.


Both already charting good on bb main chart. Txt are still on top 60 bb200. Nwjn is still rocking the spotify global Y’all kfans are really went behind….


If coachella only has YG artists, lollapaloozza US only have hybe artists. Expecting le sserafim next year for lollapalooza while baemon on coachella.


Bts company privilege




Lmao which txt fan is in denial??


Im their fan but never denied that they got famous because of bts . But if their songs and performances was not good they wouldn’t last

Fuck you

They could last. See nmixx..people will defend their song bcuz they are from big3. Txt have one more advantage..they have dick


Seeing dick as an advantage is completely showing how mentally healthy you are . And by the way nmixx are one of the groups with amazing vocalist.


my txt is so famous <3

Fuck you

But cant chart on hot100 lol


stay mad <3

Fuck you

Heheh you cant deny it lol


you’re right they didn’t chart on the hot100 there’s no reason for me to deny that. but guess what? they’re headlining a major festival and have you mad as hell in these comments so… my txt is so famous hehe <3


shut up melon #2

Fuck you

And then free falling lol


There’s n obvious one on one deal going on with bh/hybe rn. Lollapalooza must hv asked hobi but bh decided to push txt with hobi. Same thing happened with rockin’ eve. They wanted hobi bh said “guess what? You gotta take txt too”before taking hobi”
Louis Vuitton deal with nwjns, esquire, gq excluisve. All connections and company push.
Txt fans and hybe bootlickers can downvote all they want but BTS was the last organic grp from hybe lol


dumb comment

Fuck you

You cant accept lol


Its the same with YG too. Notice how coachella only invite YG artists. Companies really are everything now to pull through connections for the promos. I am expecting next year would be le sserafim or newjeans headlining lollapalooza while baemon subbing coachella.


Hybe is moving like yg and hybe bootlickers as yg stans. Downfall is here i fear.
Just let BTS stay from whtvr mess this is

Fuck you

True. Those hybe ass licker think hybe are superior when they are just same as others. They started to downplay and sabotage bts to hype their flop artist


Didnt know The Rose and DPR under Hybe? Which company?


Majority of kpop are pushed in the US, not just them lol

You know when someone is getting pushed is when they release new music on Fridays at 12 am EST for billboard tracking week and promotes in the US, which majority of kpop do now.

There are other kpop groups headlining/performing at these white people festivals (stray kids, blackpink) yet no one is saying they’re being “pushed.”

Congratulate txt for headlining after a year & newjeans for making their american festival debut and go


Are this an insult? Lol. They looks so pretty..much prettier than you and your flop fav


The privilege is craaaaaaaazzyyyyy


hybe paid for it

Fuck you

Yes. They are using bts name


hybe desperate mf

Fuck you

True. They’re trying so hard while downplaying bts


Makes sense since they already had successful stage there.


Newjeans are cute and have good songs.. but something about them getting everything before they’re even one or before they even have time to grow or mature is somewhat off-putting. It’s like they’re taking blackpink footsteps but much faster. They’re a group who I think will continue to deliver and live up to the fame that they received from their label but jeez. Give them a minute to grow, they literally don’t have to work for anything.

Kpop Boomer

It’s more than off-putting, it feels unnatural and inorganic. Like their songs are good, but they’re not that good they should be getting luxury brand and big company deals when they’re not even a year old. Sorry it just feels so obvious Hybe is using everything in their power and privilege to make them seem bigger than they really are. Let’s see how long this charade will play out, lol


Thus isn’t yg


They performed to a crowd of 35k at Lolla last year and their most recent album did very well on US album charts. There’s more than enough demand for them to be headliners this year


Bundlepink could never

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