TXT headlines 2023 Lollapalooza with NewJeans, netizens think that TXT and NewJeans are being pushed in the US

Lollapalooza Chicago will be held in August 2023 (Korean singers TXT/NewJeans/DPR/The Rose will perform)

1. NewJeans is awesome, TXT is awesome too

2. Well, NewJeans is so popular. I hope Korean idols do better

3. Last year, TXT’s stage at Lollapalooza was so good, I want to go this time

4. Daebak, TXT headlines 2023 Lollapalooza

5. I saw an article on Kakao that TXT and NewJeans will be pushing in the US this year, and HYBE is really pushing them in the US

6. I know that NewJeans has good reactions in the US, but is TXT popular in the US? I don’t mean to be sarcastic, I don’t know anything about male idols except BTS

7. Wow, the agency is really important

8. DPR and The Rose seem to have more foreign fans than I thought

9. I’m looking forward to NewJeans’ performance

10. NewJeans standing on such a big stage, they’re amazing

11. Wow, I like TXT and NewJeans, so I’m excited

12. The lineup is crazy

13. Oh my God!! I’m so excited for TXT and NewJeans

14. Looks like NewJeans is about to enter the US market

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