TXT Yeonjun does BTS’ ‘Run BTS’ challenge

1. I wish Yeonjun and Chaewon did the ‘Run BTS’ challenge together

2. As expected, Yeonjun didn’t disappoint, he’s so good

3. Wow, he dances well, the dance is cool too

4. I like Yeonjun’s dance

5. As expected from the legendary trainee

6. I’m a woman who doesn’t know much about idols these days, but I know TXT Yeonjun. He seems to be good at everything

7. Wow, he dances well, and his legs are so long

8. As expected, I knew Yeonjun would do well

9. How tall is Yeonjun? He looks so big

10. Yeonjun, please do all the challenges in the world

11. Wow his legs are so long

12. I’m so jealous of his long legs

13. He did so well

14. Wow, his limbs are long so his movements are so cool

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yeonjun is a god-tier dancer, no matter the choreo he manages to do it amazingly. literally show me any other male idol with the range he has, giving 1000% effort on both female and male idol songs and nailing it

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