TXT’s Yeonjun gets praise for doing ‘Shoong’ challenge with Taeyang

Taeyang x TXT Yeonjun ‘Shoong’ challenge

1. Wow, Yeonjun dances really well

2. Yeonjun dances well and his limbs are so long

3. Seriously, the two of them dance well

4. Yeonjun is so good at dancing

5. Wow Yeonjun is crazy

6. The two of them match well

7. I know Taeyang is good at dancing, but Yeonjun is good at dancing too

8. Wow, Yeonjun’s dance and face are amazing

9. The combination of Taeyang and Yeonjun is amazing

10. Both are good, I love this combination

11. Yeonjun is so good, let’s do the challenge every day

12. Yeonjun is so cool

13. Yeonjun… so good…

14. As soon as I saw that challenge, I thought of Yeonjun, but as expected, he did really well

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