Unpacking the harmful impact of online rumors and the importance of accountability in Fan Culture

In recent days, the K-pop community has been rocked by rumors and speculation surrounding BLACKPINK’s Rosé. The baseless rumors, which alleged that the star was using drugs, quickly spread across social media platforms and online forums, sparking outrage and condemnation from fans and industry insiders alike.

While Rosé’s agency, YG Entertainment, was quick to respond to the rumors and announced plans to take legal action against those responsible for spreading them, the incident has raised important questions about the role of fan culture in perpetuating harmful online rumors.

The incident serves as a stark reminder of the devastating impact that online rumors can have on individuals, particularly those in the public eye. Rosé, who has worked tirelessly to achieve success in the highly competitive world of K-pop, was subjected to unwarranted attacks on her character and reputation, despite having done nothing wrong.

What’s more, the incident highlights the need for greater accountability within fan communities. While fandoms can provide a sense of belonging and support for individuals, they can also be a breeding ground for toxic behavior, such as online bullying and harassment.

As fans, we have a responsibility to hold ourselves and each other accountable for our actions online. We must recognize the power that our words and actions hold, and the potential harm that they can cause. By creating a culture of accountability and respect within our communities, we can work towards creating a safer, more supportive environment for all fans and artists.

The recent incident involving Rosé highlights the importance of addressing harmful online rumors and fostering a culture of accountability within fan communities. As fans, it is our responsibility to stand up against toxic behavior and to support the artists that we admire, both online and offline. By doing so, we can work towards creating a safer and more positive fan culture for all.

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i don’t even care about all this but you people need to stop making user posts in general but especially like this where you try to act reasonable and smart. you think you can get logic and reasoning on PANNKPOP? this is a site with a gathering of awful people😭 you must be an idiot like this is equivalent to kpop reddit rants where your words mean nothing, be an actual journalist and call for accountability in fandom spaces! but you can’t because you’re visiting and ranting on pannkpop of all places and you’d be laughed out of a job if you brought this up while other journalists are covering terrorism and murder.


“Rosé, who has worked tirelessly to achieve success in the highly competitive world of K-pop”

Can’t take you seriously when you write things like this lol they’re one of the the most-rested kpop idols, barely any stages. Tirelessly where


Possibly during the tour

cracked corn

i had a good laugh at this post 😀

didn’t you people ragged on about twice or bts a few post ago lol
and now you got karma lol this is too funny

i bet once this dies down you’ll continue to harass the next upcoming group
my money is on new jeans because your fandom is trash and will put down any group you see as a threat


They already make slut shaming comments towards New Jeans over brand deals. like clock work.

mother dozen

you have too much time on your hands lol good message i suppose but why is rosé the face of this? disregarding the hate blinks reign on other groups, rosé fans are horrible to the group she’s a part of! being racist to lisa, slutshaming jennie, and claiming rosé’s the only talented one like look in a mirror first! the face of this should be wonyoung or someone who genuinely gets hate for no reason.


Also, Rosé is the only member who’s gotten like virtually no hate ever so it’s crazy to see her fans crumble at her friends being stupid when they’ve all laughed at the hate the others have gotten. The only shit she’s gotten for her is the ED Twitter folks saying she’s gained weight (lie) but considering her fans love how skinny she is and consistently call the other girls fat, I think they were more mad at the mentally ill people on ED Twitter not using her as thinspo than anything else.


right exactly blink! that’s why i hope to see more of your fandom hold themselves accountable for responding to jokes about drugs with “jokes” about rape and suicide when their severity isn’t equal at all💞

Teenaged puppy

Blinks actually believe they’re victims. Delusional and evil twinks

Car keys

These user posts are ridiculous. Nobody cares what you think. Post comments from Korean forums

Ladyboy lisa

Not reading all that btw hope she receive treatment for it 😔


the call is coming from inside your fandom, just look how much posts by blinks on this blog alone lol


You can make as many victim posts as you want. Let’s start with Blinks taking accountability. the death threats to that girl who looks like Rose? There wasn’t accountability years ago when they accused Jimin of drugs (same situation now), they were overjoyed spreading those malicious rumors, or even now with the daily rape threats, and let’s not forget how they join pop stans to be racist to BTS. That blink account that deactivated for starting this rumor was sending vile hate with over 100k followers to other idols.



Logic Thinker

Sorry but I can’t take you seriously when this happen to someone other than your faves is not really a problem right? Because all the situations about LOTS OF GROUPS is not being looked at.
You know why this blow up because stuff like that don’t blow up for some? Bacause the fandom KNOW HOW TO REPORT PEOPLE AND ESPECIALLY HELD THEIR FANDOM ACCOUNTABLE…

The thing started by a blink making a joke and then some from the fandom were really thinking that way that spread to others fandoms… one of the thing people need to realize everyone will try to bring your faves down like other fandom tried for everyone else. The accusation on people of r a p e for joking by blinks can make others step down low at their level but at the end blinks are the ones who during a space wished one of BTS should have R A P E D on of Blackpink ☠️

I’m never gonna gonna condone this stuff but sometimes people need to remember about karma and how it will come back at them.

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