Unraveling the Controversy: Analyzing the Hate Surrounding Jennie

Jennie Kim, a member of the globally acclaimed K-pop group Blackpink, has garnered immense popularity and success since her debut in 2016. Despite her undeniable talent and contributions to the group’s success, Jennie has unfortunately become the target of unwarranted hate and criticism from certain corners of the internet, In this article, we delve into the phenomenon of “Jennie hate” and attempt to shed light on the root causes behind this seemingly unjustified backlash.

The Rise of Blackpink:

Blackpink, consisting of members Jennie, Jisoo, Lisa, and Rosé, quickly rose to prominence as the most successful K-pop GG in recent years. With their catchy tunes, captivating visuals, and powerful performances, they have amassed a massive global fanbase, known as the Blinks. As one of the lead vocalists and main rappers of the group, Jennie’s individual talents have contributed significantly to the group’s success.

Unfounded Criticisms:

Detractors have taken over various online platforms to spread baseless rumors, launch personal attacks, criticize her every move. Common claim shared around Jennie is her lacks of talent and stage presence. However, her performances consistently showcase her vocal prowess, dynamic rap skills, and charismatic stage presence. Jennie’s ability to captivate wide audiences alone has been widely recognized by fans, critics, and fellow artists alike, making the criticism directed at her unfounded.

The Envy Factor:

The phenomenon of “Jennie hate” can also be attributed, in part, to envy. As a member of one of the most successful K-pop groups in recent years, Jennie’s success and popularity in all fields have understandably made her a target for some individuals who feel threatened or envious of her achievements. This jealousy can manifest as hate, fueled by the anonymity provided by online platforms.

Slut$haming :

This harmful practice rooted in patriarchal norms and double standards are mostly shared online by Army and their butts kisser Once. Jennie has been subjected to derogatory labels regarding her clothing choices and perceived s*xuality on daily basis. She as the right to express herself freely without facing unwarranted judgment or stigma. No one has the right to police women’s s*xuality ! 

Jennie has undeniably faced an unwarranted amount of hate and criticism throughout her career. Its important to differentiate between constructive feedback and baseless attacks. Jennie’s undeniable talent, hard work, and dedication to her craft deserve admiration and appreciation. As Jennie said herself spread love – could you #sana ?

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Nobody is reading this essays if you got millions of people who watched your live performance complaining that youre lazy, maybe THEY have a point

Last edited 2 months ago by beta

I thought Blackpink were flopping but MILLIONS of people watch their concert? Damn i wish my nugus faves flopped like this


youre so dense


Youre so corny


I thought Twice were flopping
but BILLIONS of people watch their concert? Damn i wish my nugus faves flopped like this


Millions of people = millions of mediaplay & some people who loves mediocrity


People who don’t have jobs and life will obviously watch the clips of the concert or anything just to pass the time cause they are like not doing anything. Didn’t you just drag blinks with this? I mean you just dragged yourself and call yourself as jobless personality damn. A self drag finally.


Couple of people = millions of people lule


The problem is tit wasn’t the people who watched her live performance complaining you all know it well, who it was …


Millions? Only thing I can is drugs are bad, homie.


She’s just problematic. Thats all


undeniable talent. talent where. just a lazy moody idol and western butt licker wannabe


NHL she’s lazy af and very problematic so


Jenfad’s stans need to stop playing the victim card and labelling all hate as people being envious of seoul cycle. Like what does she even have that people should be envious of? Her toddler asslesss, boob less body, her lack of talent, ugly blob fish visuals, her lazy attitude? just because blinks are attracted to her mean girl bitch attitude and live vicariously through her does not mean everyone has the same fantasies.

Every single one of the criticism she receives is valid. In fact she gets away with everything because of the women card. Imagine an idol who was consistently this lazy onstage, had narcissistic attitude, acted in a porn rape fantasy show showing their dicks/nipples like jennie, are airheads calling Rihanna hip hop and other dumb shit she says bc girl was too busy getting wet dreams, sex obsessed while she was young and to top it all of they couldn’t dance, sing, write, compose, produce or had any other talent other than posing in front of cams for edited pics while being short. Do you think anyone would let a lazy problematic idol get away with it? But seoul cycle gets shielded and coddled every single time and her fans blame everyone but this lazy problematic dozen for the hate she receives. Imagine running after western validation so much that you label Sam levinson as an inspiration and make friends with psychos and rapists like Alex Wang. Eww

The way YG tried to promote this dozen as some classy Chanel girl when she is just another desperate whore in a white men produced drama.
Pathetic loser.


YG just spend their money for nothing cause Jennie by her role in Idol have showed her true self as untalented nepo baby who is nothing without her mother’s money. In addition, she also looks like a shabby whore, not classy Chanel girl.

Teenaged puppy

I ain’t read allat but slutnnie doesn’t get enough hate and blinks know it


User post lmao blinks trying to victimis and deflect that the hate she gets is coz of her own action.

Its her decision to be lazy, its her decision to fake sickness, its her decision to party all the time with all her energy but can’t move on stage and it was her decision to act in a p0rn show that glorify rape


She deserves all that backlash lmaooo try harder next time


This whole article is so messy. Like literally messy. As someone who loves to read the articles about various things. I can say the person who wrote this lacks basic knowledge about how to formulate a good article for someone to read. You really can’t read more than a para in here. Even if you do that that’s too much already.
And about the hate, i do think what she is getting is not good. But it really doesn’t give blinks the right to go and harass another individual just because their own fave is on hot pot rn. Just a perspective. Also the lies the blinks present and their toxicity is one of the main reason why these girls get this much hate. Not to mention blinks saying bunch of wannabes wanna be me if that song to harass other idols…

karmic disbandment

every post written by a blink on this site is full of misspellings, grammar mistakes, and just horrible syntax. never beating the stupid allegations but i’m not surprised considering most of blackpink are high school dropouts!


Twice’s Momo Sana Mina are also high school dropouts. But they are super mature. Knows how to speak well in public. Blinks are hating them because deep down they know Misamo are perfect idols and better human beings than they ever will be.


So blinks are just like the idols they stan? Airhead and dumb cuz the amount of stupid shit I have seen come out of those girls mouth. Shows why they are both perfect for each other


Oh please. Cute that you named Army and Once as toxic when your fandom is acting like rabid all the time. Why? Biggest Girl Group in the world doesn’t have many fans that they need to throw pity party for themselves whenever theres fan wars? I remember when blinks acting like bunch of monkeys when Twice had their encore scandals. So why do Jennie shouldn’t get critism for her lack of performance? Now who is the one being hypocritical and double standards?


lmao blinks have outranked armys as the “most hated” fandom now

anyways, always good to see armys and onces getting along, for the most part.


One of the thing i like about Twice is that they are humble and said positive thing about BTS in one interview. I don’t hate BP but we can’t deny their “im better than you cause you wanna be me” persona and songs make their fandoms even more delusional and arrogant.


Blinks have been the worst fandom for years but the hate boner for BTS allowed them to use that as a cover.


These blinks are fvcking forgetting that they are sending all sorts of threats towards an innocent woman who just said to mind our own buisness and stop interacting with the antis to her fans and are twisting her words as if she meant it to attack their faves. When their own faves sings lyrics like wanna be me that blinks use to throw hate towards other k-pop idols. I mean it’s their faves who are deliberately making their fans to send hate towards other ggps but for them Sana is the evil one just cause the girl said onces to block the antis and keep loving twice. Makes me just love Twice so much more as a group. They are super mature with their lyrics as well as their attitude too.


This is complete facts blinks have a victim mentality and I’m sick of it 😑


Jen entire creer is built around her being the victim, like her fans actually love the petty party, especially since they themselves dragg other idols unprovoked all the time, but since j is popular in sk and blinks love to spoil her, they never get called out like other fandoms
Also the idol is disgusting and it showed just how desperate she is for western validation, even though her double standard in the way she performes in western vs other concerts already showed her desperation


all this because sana told her fans to not pay attention to haters. LOL
you writing this will not change people’s opinion towards her or her fandom.

blinks will continue to harass both twice and bts.
one good thing is that it’s made army and once a little closer LOL


They twisted Sana’s words of peace meanwhile their faves sings lyrics like bunch of wannabes wanna be like me with full chest and it’s just non problematic to those blinks. But Sana’s words really injected them with this much fury when Sana’s response was literally so mature. Sana is not the one singing lyrics like this which can obviously make her fandom attack someone else unprovoked. But suddenly Sana is the bad one for them. They are literally mentally ill atp.


she has so many energy and time to be starred as porn star and model than being an idol. we all could agree abt that one


damn y’all really nasty, what the fuck it’s disgusting how you treat jennie like this


Tell me who uses “wanna be me, bunch of wannabes” as a drag for other k-pop idols clearly. Then talk over here. Your girlie is super disgusting knowing this lyrics will obviously make deranged blinks send hate towards other ggps but you all are twisting Sana’s words and calling her a vile person. But it’s you and your faves who are actually vile. Disgusting all of you. I can’t believe I used to save Jennie girlie from the shaming thing just for these deranged blinks to call Sana all sort of names. No respect for you and your girlie. This is your Karma. Idc now who says what about your girlie. If she has a face to sing lyrics like these in public to make her fans attack other women then she needs to have a face to acknowledge the actions of her wrong doing too. Blinks are calling a woman vile just because she told her fandom to not mind those bs and keep loving twice. And you think now we will show any kind of sympathy to this woman and especially you guys. NO NEVER. You ppl bought this upon yourself and forget us onces who once were standing up with you defending your girlies against those negative comments. What you ppl are doing with Sana and Twice is just vile. Worst ppl you are and you deserve the worst idc. Idc anymore what Armys or armyonces say about your Jennie girlie. Wanna be me right. Sure…


Another stupid Twitter fight when all three fandoms attack unprovoked at whatever fandom they feel like messing with that day.

Logic Thinker

She makes really questionable choices and literally her energy is basically nullified… she does her best only when there are others celebs around ☠️


This essay doesnt change the fact the biggest reason people dont like her because she is lazy. Just imagine wonyoung performing like her. I bet girlie got cancelled overnight.


Why do blinks complain about Jennie’s hate when they are cause for it. Notice that within the screenshots they’re replying to toxic blinks? Blinks are starting shit with other fandoms and nobodies tolerating it anymore so deal with the consequences


She herself does everything to be criticized, and then makes herself a victim. I don’t hate her, I just despise her for her unprofessionalism, hypocrisy and arrogance.


Armys and Once please dont start crying


We’re not the ones crying lol You’re the ones camping in the comments to spread hate and lies about other groups.


Not in our intention but we’ll laugh at JenPorn’s flop porn series & her laziness instead, how about that?


Yes we are crying…of laughter seeing you people mad cry over the fact that you can never become as classy as the people you hate. Well hate to be you. But it is what it is I guess.


The same jealous people are in the comments~


Jealous of what exactly? Jenfap laziness & unprofessionalism??​ Eeeuww~


Are you sure we are jealous? More like you are uncultured freaks fvckass blinks.


what’s wrong with calling out a dozen? what happened to free speech, blinks? what happened to “it’s just my opinion”, blinks?


Notice how EVERY “hateful” tweet shown is just a reply to actual hate tweets posted by blinks? lol

You pathetic freaks wanna be victims so bad when you’re just miserable bullies that are obsessed with BTS and Twice and attack them for no reason.


And what exactly does #sana mean you freak


They just seems obsessed with Sana atp. I mean we all are. But they are just jealous and bitter of her cause she is a classy women with a mature personality who doesn’t take craps from monkeys like them.


Whatever goodwill you were trying to garner, you threw away with the last sentence


Undeniable talent… In being LAZY & mid


Blinks stop crying. I know you people are hurt over the fact that Sana saw you and told her fans to not heed any attention on your direction. And because you are so obsessed with her that like a toxic lover you are over analysing her message as something like she is infact giving attention to you which you so desperately want. But she isn’t. This toxic love you have for Sana leave it. Don’t act like a freak stalker cursing at the woman just cause she doesn’t want to do anything with you. Like move on. You have your own bp girlies with you so why are you so invested in what Sana does or say to her fans. Like stop this toxic love. Sana will never pay any attention to you unless you become a once like us. The choice is yours.


It’s not Sana’s fault that all BP’s lyrics are directed towards their haters but not the fans. Tell your girlies to give attention to you people and stop writing toxic lyrics. Deep down we all know blinks are the biggest haters of bp. I mean which can set up their own idols for hate this much everytime.
Stop toxic loving Sana too much. She is our Onces not yours. You have your own girls so why are you going after ours like this everytime.


This writer is such a fcking noob. They will literally get a failing grade in article writing. But seeing how bad of a writer they are I don’t think they are good at writing at all. Please start going to school to see how to start any para for a reader. Blinks can’t even write an article. Are you people actually good at anything? Or just good at jobless works like free streaming on yt and Spotify? Onces and Armys are really genuises. I mean wtf is this garbage really.


Jennie said bunch of wannabes too btw…Sana has always said to spread love. Knows how to respect people and definitely doesn’t lack any reading comprehension. Which you definitely do. Because bich you can’t even write a fcking article in the first place. Instead of clearing her name you just made people more angry. Atleast the once who posted the article before this knew what to write something professionally. You are so bad at this. You dragged yourself with this🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣


this cringe article makes me dislike jenfad even more lol good job, blink.


This site has got yo stop letting fans make posts. Can’t you just go back to translating popular posts


The main reasons she’s so disliked is because people see her as a privileged, lazy, rich kid who isn’t particularly skilled at or passionate about anything, yet got everything handed to her and never had to work hard in her life. She also specifically befriends people and gets into relationships that will get her more clout. If she has any personality at all, she hasn’t shown that on camera. She comes across as a very boring, bland, unintelligent person. Jennie is like the personification of everything people dislike about instagram influencers and nepo babies.


the nasty comment this woman gets
yikes I hope the hate won’t reach to her

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