V and Jennie’s dating rumors exploded, causing V and Jisoo’s dating rumors to be extinguished

People don’t talk about their dating rumors anymore

It must have been destroyed

Jisoo’s sister liked the post that related to V and Jisoo in 2018

They have a lot of similar accessories

Their posts

So the dating rumors are meaningless

Comments on Pann:

“I don’t know any of BLACKPINK’s songs, but I know all their dating rumors”

“Jisoo likes V, doesn’t she get annoyed with Jennie after V dated Jennie?”

“jiyyoon_s2. This is not Jisoo’s older sister, the English name is the same, but Jisoo’s sister’s Instagram ID is different”

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this is not even jisoo’s sister’s account, but why am I even telling this? whatever pinks do you guys always have a reason to literally attack her so🤠


So you are discussing fake stuff! Don’t hate V or BTS and everything will be fine. Posting all your relationship fabrications here will only make you look like more of an idiot. 🤡

WhatsThe Point

When I tell u all of bp members families and friends are obsessed with BTS and bangoink shippers.
Just like blinks. Blinks want any BTS member to date those girls so bad like it’s hilarious.
V and Jennie, v and jisoo, v and Lisa, jk and Lisa, jk and rose, jimin and rose


Better than you not even have a chance to date any of them LMFAO



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kpoppies are funny,not everyone want to date their bias,,,ull just use this to excuse to hide ur ship lol,,grow up armyblonk,,delusion is not good
its ull shippers will going to cry when he get married to someone else than bp members lol.


better than armyblonk shippers who will going to cry in future seeing v marrying to someone else than their real favorites haaaaa

But I wasn’t done

Wouldn’t be BP or blinks if they didn’t leech off of BTS in someway.


This post is from Hybe boy lmao so who’s obsessed now


let’s talk about tae following jennie on Instagram for like 20 minutes so everybody could see it

WhatsThe Point

Let’s talk about how his unfollow has hurt u blinks so much that y’all can’t seem to let it go, he said insta is a scary app and y’all are proving him right


I care zero about him and army believe me 💀

But I wasn’t done

#1 spilling facts. Bp scandals are more famous than their songs.


And what if i bring up the members scandals? Jungkook traffic violation, car crash, quarantine violation, backdoor advertising, Jimin tax evasion, Taehyung connection with the Chun family, Hanseohee scandal? Lets not add that airport bad attitude and racist remarks🥱🥱


they are blind for these

WhatsThe Point

Well BTS are not known for their scandals but their songs and achievements so… And half of these scandals u have mentioned are not even scandals and blown out of proportion


They are not known bcs hybe are always known playing dirty by paying dispatch and journalists lmao


Omg when WHEN will this sht go away. Leave V Alone!!!!


he is dating with all kpop artits haaaa


I want V to date some normal person not idols


armyblonks shippers are delusion than larries

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