V fans attack Jimin and call him a pedophile

Fans of V of BTS recently attacked his fellow member Jimin of BTS, calling him a pedophile and other names, even trending #BANGMINISREAL on Twitter.

Jimin made a comment some years back, where he is heard saying to a child that a 14 year age gap isn’t bad. V fans saw this and were hating on Jimin, maybe because they were motivated by the attention Jimin is receiving from the company HYBE to promote and protect him. V fans also have hatred towards Jimin which started when Jimin akgaes were revealed to have spread disgusting rumors about V and other idols.

Jimin fans have come to defend Jimin, claiming that comment to be a mistranslation and begging others to not believe this and not to hate on Jimin.

V fans have a right to fight back but not in this way. Karma comes back.

Well, I hope at least now the fandom and even others (or maybe only some part of the fandom) realises what someone feels when false and potentially damaging rumors are spread about their fave.

I hope idols still stay safe and don’t get affected by stupid fanwars.

What do you think? 

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so… what is the purpose of bringing this shit back up almost 2 whole days later knowing fully well that this will only fuel these solo weirdos to go back to doing the same shit? to both jimin and taehyung?

i’m confused cause neither side is innocent in the bullshit that went down these days. both sides are equally fucked in the head and genuinely need to leave these men alone and solve whatever mental issues they got going on instead of projecting them onto vmin.


lol weren’t Jimin akgae’s also trending p*dotaehyung? This is dumb akgae fighting. Drawing attention to it, particularly only one side, is just asking for more hate.


I saw also p*dojimin and p*dojungkook trending.

Maknae line akgaes are so dumb and dont realize they’re hurting their own faves by doing this.

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WhatsThe Point

Let’s not lie now.. all of this mess started with jm akgaes “1.4M couple things”…maknae line solos are the worst but jm solos are the most annoying and disgusting ones.. attacking everyone and their mama’s, attacked tae, yoongi and sided with fckass blinks (the same fandom that is so disgusting and vile to jm) just because jk song is in race with fastest to reach 1B


this chapter 2 has opened my eyes about jimin solos. they’re another bread, same as taekookers.

Fvck 'em

Pjms are always the worse breed, letsnot lie here. Being in korea or international, they’re the most pyscho of the bunch


They called Jimin solos as the bottom of the barrels for a reason lmao this breed is literally full of ahjummas and jobless bitches who the sole purpose of existence is to create hate on other members and hyping Jimid

shug kill yourself frfr 🗣

stop projecting fad

talking about jobless bitches when your whole purpose on this site is to talk shit about jimin and other successful people, including the members you’re currently using as a shield. weird ass bitch, JUMP.


I don’t need to use any member as a shield. Pjms are a bunch of sick mfs that need to be put in jail for their stupid behaviour.

shug kill yourself frfr 🗣

exactly like the rest of yall chief hope it helps 🫶🏿 acting holier-than-thou won’t change the fact that yall are cut from the exact same piece of cloth


Pjms = bottom of the barrels. The original victimizers. 💜


pigmin deserves it he’s evil like his fans


pigmin solos are the worst because armys are normalizing their behavior


Stop writing about dumb fanwars between solo akgaes that happened days ago.

And the admin of this site should know that disgusting topics like this shouldn’t be spread.


can the main admin of host of this website stop letting stupid idiots post these useless posts


Is it possible to report the admin and this site in general? Some of the posts are straight up libelous, malicious and defamatory. The admin is responsible for the content of this page but they clearly don’t give a fuck.


Not pjms acting like they didn’t start that whole thing. They trended first against V and with more tweets. The victim act not lining up with actual events


FR!! PJMS need to worry about their fav being a target of every fandom for not being able to sing instead of attacking bts members


pedo jimin stans started it.


Btch be so fckin srs. Y’all pajamas were the ones acting up. Y’all are so insecure that y’all just drag anyone for no reason whatsoever. Dragged yoongi for releasing a fckin album. Dragged tae, put some srs fckin allegations without any backing or truth. Like what do y’all bitches gain from all this?? Jimin’s name still got dragged bcz y’all fckers can’t seem to stfu.


Army never beats mental illness allegation😮‍💨


Karma this karma that, meanwhile who started first?? Y’all can scream karma karma but karma will also come to jobless pajamas and jikooker who always dragging & shadding him unprovoked, mind you they have been in the frontline who behind those hate ot6 acc and those smear campaign also behind the one who spreading that rumor all those years lets not act innocent here, just mind ur own damn bussiness and focus on ur own fav it ain’t that hard why ppl can’t do this??


All I have to say is Army’s didn’t move to call out this behavior until jimin started to get dragged in response. 🤷🏼‍♀️ Taehyung gets dragged daily but nothing is said until another member starts to get involved


Y’all blinks should support taehyung cause he is Jennie’s bf and u seem to care for him so


Pajama and vitchs need to calm tf down coz did you not get a tight slap when three of them attended the concert together and vmin gave e/o the tightest hug as soon as they saw e/o


Jimin’s fans started all this shit, they were the first to call him pedophiles, then they are going to create hundreds of posts and victimize Pann


It’s cuz y’all V fans can’t take the fact that V is dating Jennie, so if anyone mentions their dating things y’all solos lose minds. Guess what V is fu*king Jennie, better accept it. And its true
“1.4 m couple things”


V fans don’t give a shit about that Seoul Cycle. Y’all mad because v fans won’t support and accept her talentless ass, if Tae wanna smash loose holes that’s his business. Won’t save her and her tramp group from lashings


lmao well sad.

Like Crazy

They are blonks, not V fans


Pedomin we have the same name, I was so confused like when did I post that?


So this just makes both members a pedo right…I mean no one is winning on this on over here. Just an outsiders pov plus I don’t care if this comment gets huge dislike ratio. it’s not a secret that k-pop male idols are huge pedos. I wont be surprised if they decided to date nwjns or lsrfm or ive or aespa nmixx or even Itzy in future. All male idols do it. So don’t be surprised if that happens.


Jennie getting bashed for participating in rape fantasies and for hanging out with known rapist and pedos… sit this one out stink

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And she is getting bashed for it…and it doesn’t mean these men can’t get bashed for their problematic behaviour too…two things can co exist on same place. Worried about nwjns and lsrfm cause they under same label as these men. They must have hit on them too.


name the “problematic behavior” in question for me real quick. wearing clothes from a man yall started calling a pedo (when he was not. he was just gay, hope that helps)? jennie wore clothes inspired by him/supporting him and his art as well, I suppose that makes her a pedophile as much as it makes Jimin and V, no?

yall kpop stans need to be put down actually, acting woke as if you’re not the stupidest monkeys of the damn bunch get the fuck outta here and worry about your faves instead of running your mouth on bts


I remember V saying he is ready to date someone 20 yrs younger than him back in 2017. And guess what I have a freaking proof of it. Just I can’t post links on this damn site. Jimin was tame he only stated 5 years younger. It’s literally on most of Armys sites of 2017. Written by BTS members themselves. If some BTS anti is curious about it I may say the name about it over here. But hey! Let’s call a woman a wh0re just because she dates a ped0 who definitely is not good enough for her. Why is that? Maybe cause his ass can’t stand up for the hate his gf recieves from his own goddamn fandom and will queerbait with his group member just to make people see how gay legend he is when in reality he is openly holding hands of a woman walking around the romantic streets of Paris. But yeah the woman is the wrong one in this. Yes, Jennie is a problematic person. But atleast she is not a p+ssy in this relationship. Hope she breaks up with him soon and dates someone else who is good to her. Not this mess of a person. Who is obviously an attention seeker.


non-issues as per usual, yall are so damn predictable it’s actually amusing to see each and every time

don’t even care about v like that, but your issues with him seem to be running deeper than him supposedly dating jennie.. you’re accusing his fans of hating on that woman over said dating rumors yet you’re on pannkpop dot com losing your mind over the same subject? how does that even work?
if his fans don’t want to acknowledge their relationship then they won’t lol yall can continue crying as much as you’d like, it won’t change shit I’m afraid. and rightfully so actually. cause why are you, as a fan, so obsessed with your fave’s dating life?




That hag is NOT getting bashed for this… Abel is taking the heat for himself and her. The projection, because if anything artist underneath YG should be the most worried because one day that girl in particular is gonna do something that no even her throng of twink can’t get her out of and that whole company will collapse.


If I say V’s looks aged like a milk then I am not a wrong person too. Calling Jennie a h@g when she is some days younger than your V. But if we compare their looks who will look more young between them…


Jennie weeks younger than Tae but looks two decades older… have shame. Rae’s not the one needing an IV to complete a routine concert.

Ther audacity to compare hag now with thee visual Kim Taehyung. The set up is too easy to be taken seriously. That whore not even top two prettiest in her own group…


Members= lazyfad Jennifer


Members= Taepedo and Fadjimin


Again pajamas with the hit first then cry first, u started all this, sometimes I really wonder if u are really jimin fans, u set him up so bad, like this time, u started the hashtag, but then when they did it back and it trended higher, u hated it, u’re so pathetic, maybe get in ur head that u’ll never reach the fandom of Tae and jk and humble urselves and stop setting jimin for hate

shug kill yourself frfr 🗣

don’t you have a whole show that glorifies rape and the objectification of women to worry about? jenfad needs to move her lazy, stank ass and give you jobless bitches something to do instead of running your nasty mouths on bts actually


the pedoTaehyungs stans creating troll accs here to keep insulting Jimin, then they moan when you started everything, just look at the amount of fart Taehyungs stans crying in the comments, while the pjms are only focused on Jimin, that’s why his solo and his collaboration They already have 5 entries in the hot100, while fat bitches Taehyung fans cry on this gossip acc, bunch of losers 🤣


pjms are really ruining it for jimin. i went from pitying him for all the drags he got from kpoppies/blinks and taekookers to being indifferent now. yall are actually siding with dvmb blonks to drag other members. y’all the reason why your dear boy is getting dragged back ig. have fun next time blonks start to be vile to him again then. from now on he won’t get smallest sympathy from me becos of y’all behavior.

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Berry Island

That is their purpose.


crazy how it’s the exact opposite for me, seeing the way yall always are so nonchalant when it comes to the bullshit jimin has to deal with on a daily basis has managed to fully turn me into a solo stan
everyone all up in arms about “pjm are the worst” (and some are, indeed, I’m not trying to deny it) after they started fighting back, acting all surprised as if yall haven’t been shielding and diminishing all the hate this man has been getting since 2015.

getting on the internet and saying “y’all the reason why your dear boy is getting dragged” knowing damn well jimin literally gets dragged for BREATHING in certain members’ proximity is insane. and the fact that you’re getting upvoted is even more insane, cause let a pjm say this shit or try to make excuses for other members getting unprovoked hate and you’ll suddenly see whole paragraphs about morals lmao

all I’m gonna say is I’m glad jimin has a growing solo fanbase that actually cares about him and would rather catch all the strays instead of letting yall get away with this shit anymore. and I’m also glad more and more jm biased armys are starting to wake up and see how yall act when it comes to fave; God knows, I’ve been there.

with these being said, I hope all of you weirdos who hate jimin & the other members or try to justify this kind of behavior against them as if they’re not actual human beings get the karma yall deserve.


If anything armys love to baby Jimin the most. Literally all members especially the maknae line get hate on daily basis. Pjms always play victim the most, acting like you guys never start a fight. And the fact that a lot of army fb are jimin solos cosplaying OT7 is making everyone hates pjms even more.


yeah, you’re full of shit lmao cause nowhere did I play the victim, if anything I also did mention there ARE pjms who overstep their boundaries quite often (I’m not here to defend strangers lmao I stan jimin, not pjms. alas, same cannot be said about you) should’ve probably figured that out from your previous comments, silly me

whenever SOME (and I’m putting a BIG fucking accent on that some because the amount of armys I’ve seen being HUNTED DOWN for standing up for jimin is actually insane) armys happen to call yall’s bullshit out they’re “babying” jimin, and being accused of being solos; same old fucking discussion.

but in truth, if armys were as full of pjms as yall claim, I PROMISE YOU, taekookers wouldn’t run the fandom the way they do. there are accounts with approx 100K followers (not to add the countless YouTube accounts into the discussion) that are constantly villainizing jimin for interacting with his members, constantly encouraging others to further harass him, constantly calling him names & trying to portray him as some, and I quote, “homewrecker” and convincing themselves jimin is “grooming” jungkook or taehyung, depends on how they feel that day, for interacting with his friends.
these accounts I’m talking about have been around for literal years and are well known in the fandom, yet you’re telling me the biggest fandom in the world, which happens to be -according to you- made out of mostly pjms, is “unable” to take them down, yea? be serious

if you’re gonna continue spawling your bullshit around here, then do make sure to keep jimin out of your mouth.


Jimin does get a lot of hate but it must be said that half of it comes from pjms attacking others. This pedo thing was started by pjms and that’s just facts and then you rush to play victim. No one hates jimin, but his solo fans are old aunties with nothing else to do but cuz Jimin trouble by doing shit like this every other week. Both in Korea and internationally every knows jimin stans are freaks and you didn’t earn that reputation overnight.

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His solo are promoted like crazy by hybe no wonder


Isn’t it the other way around??? Pigmin fans sure know how to play victim

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