V fans attack Jimin and call him a pedophile

Fans of V of BTS recently attacked his fellow member Jimin of BTS, calling him a pedophile and other names, even trending #BANGMINISREAL on Twitter.

Jimin made a comment some years back, where he is heard saying to a child that a 14 year age gap isn’t bad. V fans saw this and were hating on Jimin, maybe because they were motivated by the attention Jimin is receiving from the company HYBE to promote and protect him. V fans also have hatred towards Jimin which started when Jimin akgaes were revealed to have spread disgusting rumors about V and other idols.

Jimin fans have come to defend Jimin, claiming that comment to be a mistranslation and begging others to not believe this and not to hate on Jimin.

V fans have a right to fight back but not in this way. Karma comes back.

Well, I hope at least now the fandom and even others (or maybe only some part of the fandom) realises what someone feels when false and potentially damaging rumors are spread about their fave.

I hope idols still stay safe and don’t get affected by stupid fanwars.

What do you think?