V looks like a celebrity no matter what he does

V looks like a celebrity no matter what he does

His visuals are crazyㄷㄷ

[+173, -150]

1. [+61, -1] Wow, his beauty in real life is for real? He’s so handsome ㅠ

2. [+58, -12] Look at the person holding the phone filming Taehyungㅋㅋㅋㅋ Not only did that person get to see V in real life, I’m jealous that she/he even filmed V comfortably

3. [+53, -11] This picture was taken right in front of Seojoon-hyung and Taehyung, I’m so jealous of the person who took this picture, but seeing Taehyung’s expression while enjoying the performance makes me happy too

4. [+49, -11] Taehyung’s visuals are crazy

5. [+45, -8] It’s Seojin, everyone was thereㅋㅋ

6. [+37, -30] Seriously, he looks like a commoner

7. [+20, -8] Wooga members

8. [+16, -1] His T-zone is crazy…

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Nobody goes out with prostitutes, they are used, nothing more. Like you and your breed. But he’s a real man, he doesn’t mix with whores. 


Lol. Some people be acting as if Jennie is worthy to be someone’s wife. Sorry but shes an early 2000’s Paris Hilton wannabe, nothing more maybe less.

Like Crazy

is GD

Bring back discuss

He is so skinny these days I hope he’s alright…

bffr hun

skinny =/= bad health or does it?

Bring back discuss

When you are rail thin, yes it does. He’s starting to get that bobble head look when people loose too much weight


Rosè tease


Too good for stdennie


Jennie’s boyfriend 🥰

bffr hun

bc he is ?! what was this post for lol


Yeah, everyone knows his visuals are great, but I want to see more posts abt what could be going on with upcoming album. I’m hoping he’ll go with a jazz/r&b theme and if he plays a trumpet or sax or piano part, I will freak.

bffr hun

high value men can never look at a slvt let alone date her


he is really ugly


Looks like someone saw the mirror


He= jenhag
So true


SEOJIN WAS THERE TOO??? Lol I still remember how he scolded Kim intern a lot


Looks like monkey…. Bald monkey


Lisa wasn’t mentioned

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