V x Jennie, the date in Cannes after Paris

V x Jennie, the date in Cannes after Paris…

V will attend the Cannes Film Festival after being invited by a luxury brand

The reason why V went to Cannes this time attracted more attention because BLACKPINK’s Jennie is also attending the Cannes Film Festival

1. Why do they have so many overlapping schedules in New York and Paris?

2. I’m glad it’s not my bias, but I hope this relationship doesn’t affect group activities

3. Why is the title of the article like that?

4. I feel sorry for the fans… They should admit this relationship

5. I guess this is why fans really hate dating rumors

6. He’s a world star so he has a Hollywood mindset, if he had cared about his domestic fans in the first place, he wouldn’t have dated

7. Wow, but their schedules often overlap

8. I want to see the two of them on the red carpet together as a Hollywood couple

9. The fans may be annoyed, but they get along so well

10. Wow, but why do their schedules overlap so much?ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

11. Whether they’re dating or not… Leave the two of them alone

12. Even if they meet in Cannes, of course they’ll pretend they don’t know each other

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