Video of BTS Jungkook walking on stage at the World Cup opening ceremony was posted on FIFA website

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1. He was so confident, charismatic, cool

2. He cried because he was too embarrassed to sing in front of the hyungs γ… γ…  But he chewed up the world…! Daebak

3. I’m so proud of Jungkook

4. His aura is crazy

5. He wasn’t nervous, he was cool

6. Jeon Jungkook is the best γ…œγ…œγ…œγ…œγ…œγ…œγ…œγ…œ

7. That composure, that coolness, I admire him

8. Wow, that’s the superstar aura

9. Even when Jungkook went to Billboard for the first time, he wasn’t nervous at all, he seemed so daring

10. Jungkook’s gait is so cool

11. Wow his aura is really crazy

12. He looks so confident and comfortable

13. Daebak, he wasn’t worried at all

14. He said he wasn’t really nervous, look at his composure

15. Jungkook’s aura is really cool

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Doubly impressed bc apparently they didn’t get a lot of chances to practice for this performance (the director? said the actual performance was their best one).


Wonder when his solo album will be.

Crandberry musk

So now what’s he gonna do next


This happens when you really love what you do, and do what you really love. πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ

Anyway he said himself that he wasn’t really nervous for the stage, but he’s more nervous because of us who were more nervous than him, lol.


Srly Jungkook is SO impressive, he just goes and performs alone in front of thousands no big deal. I would be sht scared 😭


Please release his solo album next year.


He set the bar high for himself. If he is this calm when performing for a big event, I think he can handle everything.


Jungkook did great, his hyungs have raised him well. 


Bighit is really pushing him. They even lied about other six members being at military so that only jungkook gets to perform. Jungkook is nothing without bang pd nim.

Not too much

Hybe and the fandom do push him more than the others. And this performance they are milking more than any other ot7 performance they’ve ever did. Obvious favoritism on streams and opportunities from fandom and company


You must have come from twitter. That man already clarified his statement and he wasn’t even in charge of booking the artist.


He can handle everything. Our kookie was nervous but made a historic performance.πŸ”₯

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