‘Vogue Korea’ NewJeans Minji August issue + video

1. She’s so pretty, she suits classic Chanel so well

2. Kids who say Minji has no talent have never seen Minji’s expression on stage

3. Her face is seriously pretty, but her expressions are always the same

4. Her lips are so charming

5. She has no talent, but her face is a kind of talent

6. Her eyes, nose and mouth are really perfect

7. Wow Chanel suits her so well

8. I want to see chic vibes like this for the next album

9. Seriously, the NewJeans members are all good at taking pictures

10. Minji’s vibes are crazy

11. Minji’s Chanel pictorial is the best I’ve ever seen

12. Minji is seriously so pretty

13. Her nose is art

14. Wow I really like this vibe. I like Minji’s ponytail

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