Was BTS Jungkook always this handsome?

Was BTS Jungkook always this handsome?

Wow, Jungkook is seriously so handsome

Seriously, there are no further words that form in my head..

This must be prime example of having both boyish and masculine charms

[+863, -75]

1. [+329, -11] He’s pretty but also super handsome, my puppy ㅜ

2. [+305, -5] The man who is as innocent as a herbivore turns into a jaguar every time he goes on stage

3. [+283, -5] I fell in love with him when I saw his face, but he’s really good at his job, he’s good at sports, art, his DNA is amazing

4. [+276, -7] Jungkook’s beauty is out of this world

5. [+272, -4] Aside from being handsome, he’s so f*cking pure and clear looking

6. [+110, -0] The fact is that he is taller and stronger than me, but I want to protect him

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