Was BTS popular in Korea first or popular abroad first?

Was BTS popular in Korea first or popular abroad first?


1. They were popular in Korea first

2. I got their first Daesang in Korea and went to Billboard after that

3. They did well in 2014-2015, they got Daesang in 2016, and they went to Billboard in 2017

4. I still think it’s Korea. Personally, I listened to BTS songs every day around 2015, and I saw a lot of reactions overseas in 2016…?

5. They got Daesang at the Korean awards ceremony in 2016

6. BTS went to Billboard after becoming the one top boy group in Korea

7. It’s Korean, right?

8. From 2015 to 2016, they gained a lot of Korean fans

9. It’s almost the same, right??

10. BTS was popular in Korea before becoming popular overseas

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The comments are right.

But I wasn’t done…

The lord. Korea paid BTS dust until the west told them they were cool. The west supported them from debut.


Kore is always the first step for bangtan and global is the second one. Bts grew up in korea. Now they are the top artist in korea and global tho. First time netizens are right. ✨


Bbmas was the opening of bts’ oversea activities. But before that bts reall grew up in 2016 and they got their first daesang in korea too. I’m so happy to see that they have all around world now


No, I’m sorry but what’s with this rewriting of history? Bang Shihyuk did not give out an entire LECTURE in front of a live audience abt how unreceptive SK was to BTS compared to the international gp just for ya’ll to forget how netizens were the first and loudest BTS antis for years into their debut.

Ya’ll really trying to forget how BTS even admitted to being treated more like celebs overseas than in SK in their early days. On tape. Multiple times! (Just check out Jin in Malaysia or Hobi in LA or Jungkook in Thailand).

And ya’ll really not going to talk abt how kpoppies were SO sure of BTS’s nugu status that they called sajaegi on them bc international fans boosted their sales back in 2015!? Or how BTS were charting and dominating in Japan and World BB and being invited to the US before even receiving their first Korean music bank award? Or how back in 2017, kpoppies were making fun of BTS for “only being popular internationally but not in Korea”!? Really???? Ya’ll gonna forget all that!?

Not saying K-ARMYs didnt exist in the beginning bc they did AND they deserve that recognition for sticking with BTS despite everyone in the k-community looking down on them, esp those who were there from 2013-2016. Those are the real troopers for dealing with all the kpoppies’ and netizens’ bs.


They were definitely huge with Kpop fans in the west around 2013-2014 though… I’d say it’s the same rate, but the west took them seriously a bit sooner. I think SK in general caught on after the BBMAs.


sk mostly shit on them ans only knew how to criticize them at the start lol it was only later when they got more international reception that sk started paying more attention to them and they wone daesang in 2016.


I think intl first. They weren nugu in korea or anything but they exploded globally getting on billboard with just streams and itunes sales alone bc they didnt have a distributor. They were so popular overseas that target reached out to bighit directly and asked bc fans were flooding their customer service with requests for them to stock bts albums. The reason why y’all kpop favs have your albums in target and amazon is thanks to ARMYs and BTS. Bc i would like to see a kpop group without massive amt of versions and shady gimmicks actually show demand here. Too many groups taking sperm route where labels make us album versions where overseas fans can buy it and it counts as a u.s. sale.


they got popular in overseas first. I used to follow them since their debut and they already had many international fans back then

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This is a bit revisionist cuz I remember when they debuted and Korea clowned them right down to their name while original international Army started a whole campaign (“Any ARMY here?”) to get them publicity in the west. Korea did not truly reciprocate till really “I Need U.” And that’s at the earliest.

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