What are the representative songs that people think of when they think of SM, YG, JYP, and Big Hit?

There are many representative songs, which one do you remember the most?

For me it’s MIROTIC, Bang Bang Bang, Nobody, Spring Day

1. Wolf, FANTASTIC BABY, Nobody

2. Gee, LIE, Nobody

3. MIROTIC, LIE, Nobody

4. Growl, Bang Bang Bang, Tell me

5. Hope, LIE, Tell me, Spring Day

6. Gee, LIE, Bad Girl Good Girl, Still Eating Well

7. Growl, LIE, Alcohol‐Free

8. Gee, I Am the Best, Tell Me, Dynamite

9. Growl, LIE, Tell me, I don’t know about HYBE

10. Sorry Sorry, I DON’T CARE, Tell Me, I NEED U

11. Growl, LIE, Tell me, Dynamite

12. Gee, LOVE SCENARIO, Nobody

13. Gee, LIE, Tell me, Boy In Luv

14. Gee, Haru Haru, Nobody, Fire

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