What do you think is the most prestigious award ceremony among music awards ceremonies??

For acting I think of the Blue Dragon Film Awards or the Baeksang Arts Awards, but I can’t think of any music awards ceremony

1. There is no music award ceremony

2. MAMA?

3. Korean Music Awards?

4. There is no prestigious music award ceremony in Korea

5. Golden Disc Awards of Gaon Chart Music Awards?

6. Is the Golden Disc Awards the oldest award ceremony?

7. I don’t think there is any award ceremony

8. When I think about the stage, MAMA..? I think the stage quality is the best

9. Gaon

10. Korean Music Awards

11. Gaon is fair, but I don’t know if it’s the most prestigious award ceremony

12. For me it’s the Golden Disc Awards

13. Gaon

14. Golden, Gaon?

15. There aren’t any awards ceremonies, but the iconic awards ceremonies are MAMA, MMA, and Golden

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i thought kma is like korean grammy? 🤔


It’s the closest equivalent, at least.


KMA and GDA are probably the only fair and prestigious award shows I think. Performances wise , MAMA and MMA.




Personally none


I can’t blame you for thinking that lol


Yeah they all suck. It’s actually childish to think any award in the world is perfectly fair. They aren’t end of the story. It will always be one or another thing that will come forward which was never meant to happen but happened in that award ceremony. That’s why I only watch these ceremonies for performances not for who get who. I don’t think awards really do justify where you actually stand in the platform. In most cases awards can only boost your confidence and in some cases ego but other than that it’s not really helping us in any way.

WhatsThe Point

KMA, but ever since they introduced that kpop category last year they kinda lost credibility for me.


Ngl, i used to wait for MAMA stages before. They always good but kinda lose it hype nowadays


Golden. But even Golden could turn fandoms in the same company into a war lol


none. they’re all rigged

This article opened my eyes, I can feel your mood, your thoughts, it seems very wonderful. I hope to see more articles like this. thanks for sharing.

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