What does it mean when BTS Paved The Way?

It means that success has a positive effect on other groups. You don’t pave the way for yourself, you pave it for others to walk on.


Tanggapin nyo na lang ang katotohanan! HAHAHAH

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hoy hahaha


I am a BTS fan but this is another example of the blatant misuse of the user post function enabled on this site… even the user’s name is triggering.

Dear poster of this article… BTS doesn’t need “fans” like you… your actions drag the rest of the ARMY down. Posting hateful comments is the exact opposite of the message BTS tries to send to us. You are one of the reasons the BTS fandom gets a bad rap from other fandoms. Learn to be more of a decent human being.


gonna agree with the misuse of user posts, but gonna disagree with the rest, I mean.. unless they said something insulting in the last part (which I personally fail to understand), they’re not really insulting anyone. bts paving the way is, in no way, insulting to others. never meant to be insulting either.

however, if they wanted to open this discussion they could’ve prepared a proper post on this theme (if anyone’s interested, I’d recommend boracity magazine’s youtube video on this topic, it’s pretty informative and touches a lot of subjects on this matter), cause only saying what they said and dipping just makes this look like a bait post to me idk 🤷🏿‍♀️


I disagree. There are instances where a post like this wouldn’t be considered insulting but not in a forum like this. It’s a post made to piss other fandoms off… the username should give you a clue as to the posts intent.

BTW… “Tanggapin nyo na lang ang katotohanan” translates to “just accept the truth”

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pigmin jhorse ratjoon flopga hagjin jungcock slvthyung

Nah. They fake payola bigshit slaves. Bigbang paved the way. Thats why btass copied them at begining of the career.
And author is philipino monkey obsessed army lol

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Its gettin boring u know. All of u paid haters must be so jobless irl. Was it hard to earn money to eat? Poor you

Its nothing. Even army call.out this fake army who blatantly incited fandom wars.

Wait…i thought Psy is the one who paved the way with Gangnam Style


Bts doesnt pave shit. The 2nd generation actually did. Literally no one knows hallyu before them. NOTHING had been made easy by bts so shit your ass down.


SNSD and 2NE1 paved the way.

BTS is an aberration. They are NOT popular like a normal pop group because their fandom is built not on music but on mental health and LGBTQ stuff.


Paid haters. Poor human. No ability to works.

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Yup. Hybe, Spotify, and Youtube pay me a LOT to hate on BTS.

None of them want to see BTS succeed because they realize how unhealthy BTS is for kpop and for BTS cultmembers.

You heard that right – hating on BTS makes you rich while being Army makes you poor because you bulk buy 10 different editions of a $50 album that only has like 1 new track on it and that track is all autotuned.😂


Nah….we.got money doing the good job. No need to be lazy ass who only hate someone through your keyboard. 1 track autotune? BTS or the members never do that tbh. We got so many songs in one album😂

Sure..Armys poor lol, so we could buy more and more ticket concerts.

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Hi, I'm Guest

Focus on gidle & soyeon’s cringe + annoying voice


BTS is not kpop and thus could NOT pave the way for anybody in kpop.

BTS is a cult composed of LGBTQ people and depressed single girls with low self esteem.


Paid haters. Poor human. No ability to work. Maybe has ugly face too



Slvthyung likes being passed around by wooga

I think blackpink also paved the way. Actually “Ddu du duu du” is very popular among non kpop fans


2nd gen blazer trail the pathway yes. Some of the stuck. Some are dead ends. Some left as meme and niche interest.

BTS make pavement of the road, so those who follow know where to go. With bright siganage and shit.

How do you know that? look at how groups aiming for global participates in US shows mostly BTS was in first. How do you think these showrunners give the benefit of the doubt before BTS and now they keep these groups coming


Wow, the road BTS paved leads straight to a gay pride parade.

Somehow I don’t think other kpop groups want to follow this road.

uga uga

So they didn’t lmao
They may have paved the way but it was just for themselves. If you r the only exception then you’re not the trendsetter, you’re just succeeding by yourself.
Nothing wrong with that, but acting like other group’s are successful just because of your fave when they’re not achieving the same stuff it’s bullshit. Otherwise the so called “success” would happen with other group’s too.

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They paved the way for being toxic, racist and pedos/rapists. How much did hybe pay you for this mediaplay? Btshit popularity based on payola.
btass PAID the way


Billboard call btass fraudulent. PAYOLA!!

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