What happened when Jungkook met Calvin Klein?

Jungkook who is young and hot met Calvin Klein

Calvin’s Instagram view explosion

Overseas Calvin Klein stores are out of stock

Calvin x Jungkook spotted in New York

Starting to spread to overseas stores

And will this come? No Jungkook, I’m not ready to see your underwear photoshoot! But I’m curious… No, don’t do that ㅠㅠ But sometime, when will it come out…!!!

[+215, -7]

1. [+44, -0] Days like this are coming while I’m alive, but for real, my heart trembles that this is just the beginning…

2. [+34, -0] Seriously, Jeon Jungkook is so hot

3. [+34, -0] Just him unbuttoning his shirt makes me go crazy, but I wonder what it will be like when his underwear photos and videos are released..

4. [+26, -1] After Calvin officially announced Jungkook becoming an ambassador, Calvin’s stock price skyrocketed more than 20%. Jeon Jungkook’s effect is crazy

5. [+16, -0] Calvin’s stock price rises

6. [+16, -0] Jungkook-ah, it’s fate

7. [+14, -0] But Jungkook’s jawline is really artistic

8. [+10, -0] At the concert, Jungkook tried to button his shirt, and the ARMYs went crazy, but Jungkook took off his shirt and revealed his abs… And maybe underwear soon?? Will a day like this come???

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It is what it is

Ahh~ the jungkook effect. I’m may catching it, I’m dying to get that jacket as well


= you



Taste that savage

Jungkuk is linked with every women. He was caught backhugging mijoo and being intimatte with her on cctv. But didn’t defend her when the girl got so much hate. He is a playboy, not the “maknae” you all want him to be


so a 9 y.o jk needs to look a like the 26 y.o jk? ok got you sis….


Tf you saying?? Jungkook is a 75kg muscular man. He is the 2nd biggest and the most strongest in bts. Stop confusing him with 40kg lisman




HILARIOUS armys wanna pretend jungkook caused the stock to go up when it’s literally the effect of financial report that was released the same day. Meanwhile this is the actual stock price 1 day after jungkook announcement


and now the last working day shows a rise so ? your point is literally invalid

Taste that savage

He’s too muscular and ugly. Nobody wants him…even yoobi prefers her buddhist statues over the him


You sound so depressed Lol,
Never thought jungkook perfection can ruin your life like this.
you must be so jealous and ugly

I hope someday you will someone who love you too

Taste that savage

Ditto to you sir

Taste that savage

You arms dragged that girl so much even though it was uglykook who was hugging and caging her. He’s like twice her size too and she has no fandom support. And that grown man didn’t defend her at all even though he knew she has no fan support or manager and stuff


How is anybody being too muscular??? Lmao you’re just running out of names to call him because you can’t find any flaws

Jennie can't sing bc GD's cock is in her mouth

CK will get rid of seoul cycle soon. Can’t wait.


these comments are so vile below , and the admin would not do anything about it

Jimin got yes jams

At this point you sound like those creepy bottom jungkook feishizers. Because literally no one sees him like that other than them and you are trying so hard 💀


Exactly lmao. They doing too much


you’re talking about yourself rn


you’re projecting onto people to hide that it’s you who wanted to be used like that lol


no one is trolling like this in 2023 anymore , this is not 2011

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