What is going on with the forced hate vitality articles about BLACKPINK? Doesn’t it feel intentional?

The journalist who wrote this article and decided to report about the only negative review of the night (loud fanchants and most fans being women were included in the negative score btw) is part of HYBE’s viral marketing team? why is an old and only negative  article trending just before blackpink’s concert in Korea?

to be fair they have gotten positive reviews during their concert in France.  I don’t think a xenophobic journalist that have previously trashed foreign acts should be given too much attention. 

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Gi Gi Hakusho

Unless it’s for newjeans PR it feels more the journalist being a biased loser?

MHJ is going crazy with the newjeans promo tho, they even got mini special cover on Rolling Stone that should have gone to Jungkook instead, he literally has a hit song but Hybe seems to be too busy with Girl Groups drama and gossip.


Hey OP, do you have so much time to post this shitty article? Viral marketing??? Don’t put Hybe on the same level with YG who always do mediaplays exessively. What is the relation between a positive donation article and your girls being roasted on media???? Your girlies didn’t even mentioned in the original donation articles. SO WEIRD AF! Do you think your girlies are the center of the world? Everybody should be jealous of their success??? Nope….their success don’t even reach half the amount of BTS sucess. Don’t be conceited and think that your girlies being nitpicked by the media is Hybe or BTS fault. Go treat your narcism.


Not OP leaving out important info.
That journalist was one of the many that shared about the negative review of BP’s concert.
Also, the reason why that review was even brought up was because there was a summary article that did a ranking on all summer concerts, including Beyonce, The Weekend, etc.
So even though the original article about BP is a few months old, there is a NEW article with ranking of concerts, which also included the review of BP’s concert, that was just posted in September. So technically, it is NOT old news.


Hybe is not trying to sabotage your girlies. I’m laughing with all the conspiracies theories about media play. Last year, the trendy word to throw around was monopoly and the year before that was westernization. Now y’all hopping on the media play route. lol

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