What? Is Jungkook close with IU?

Or is he close with Park Seo Joon..?

1. He’s close with Park Seo Joon

2. Why suddenly? What happened??

3. Suddenly? Jungkook is also close with Wooga, they hang out together

4. He’s probably Park Seo Joon’s best friend

5. Hul, is he close with Park Seo Joon???

6. I think Jungkook sometimes hangs out with Wooga hyungs

7. They can be friends… He went to IU’s concert for 2 days

8. Can’t he go if they’re not friends?

9. Suga collaborated with IU… There are many ways for them to become close

10. But IU wasn’t the only actress there, so why do you think Jungkook went there for IU…?

11. With Wooga, they became close after watching musical and playing bowling

12. This is my first time seeing Jeon Jungkook at the movie premiere…!

13. He hangs out with Taehyung and Wooga. Aren’t they best friends?

14. No one knows their friendship, but it looks like Park Seo Joon invited him

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he said seojoonie hyung fighting so what’s the fuss about??? He is close to tae and seojoon is one of tae’s best friend plus jk has been hanging out with wooga fam a lot lately

White cat

He is close with wooga squad. But we just know now that iu and suga is close friend since they are 25 years old. So it’s not a suprised if all bts and iu have communicate with each other. Just let him be a fan peacefully


My boy is like an honorary wooga at this point, but we would not say no to an IU collab!

White cat

The desperate one here is you. That why u thrive in saying stupid shit online for attention.

Fuck you

Elites pfffffttt… if you mean a group of elite incels sure


Let’s say he is close with IU . Is this a crime ? You are really jobless

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