What is the reason for the popularity of LE SSERAFIM Kim Chaewon?

What do you think is the reason for the popularity of LE SSERAFIM Kim Chaewon?

Something like charm?

1. She does well on stage

2. Wasn’t she popular in IZ*ONE too?

3. She was popular before, but if I had to say the reason, her agency is big?

4. She has been a popular member on stage since IZ*ONE

5. She’s so good at performing on stage

6. She’s so cute and she dances so well

7. The concept is so perfect for her…

8. I think the reason Kim Chaewon became so popular is because of her stage. Regardless of dancing, singing, or facial expressions, her talent is the greatest, and then her popularity is gradually bolstered by her personality and behavior. You can tell just by watching her stage videos and her daily life videos

9. She sings and dances well

10. She has a lot of talent and charm. Even in IZ*ONE, she stood out on stage

11. She has a pretty face, she can sing well, she can dance well, she can perform well on stage

12. She’s good at dancing and singing, her face is so pretty and her body is perfect

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She has always been famous since her iz*one days, back then I think it’s because she’s cute and has a lot of charms but now she’s still the same but more charming and chic I guess cause in Lesserafim , it feels like she re-discovered another part of her and began to show in this group .


rigged iz*gone member


Talking as if token stanning from big3 fans never exist lmao.


They never said that Big 3 fans don’t token stan. She’s talented, sure, but let’s be real, if she debuted under her previous agency she would not have the buzz that she does now.

You cannot deny the privileges that come with debuting under a big agency. Being from Hybe + Iz*One fame = she’s set, basically.

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Berry Island

I think it is her charm. I watched one video, of her surprising her fans. She had that professional Idol/celebrity feeling. Her personality also seems to go well with people. Without Hybe or Izone title, her aura & public perception of her stands strongly on herself. It is not Izone Chaewon or Lesserefim Chaewon but just Chaewon

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and don’t forget her rigging her way to iz*gone


Izone privilege




hybe mediaplay


There are lots of her fans who never knew she existed in iz*one, and why would they? Lesserafim’s music and performances are a huge upgrade compared to what she was able to do before, and she stands out much better now. Chaewon even said herself that she felt she had to relearn how to dance from the basics when preparing for her redebut. Even the styling is more chic and appeals to her natural charms. Putting all of her current success on a temporary group that stopped promoting two years ago doesn’t make any sense at all.


rigged her way through produce48


rigged*zone’s confirmed rigged member continues to rig


She was one of the famous Izone members…




lol you’re clearly downplaying the popularity she gained on her izone days. she’s one of the more famous members.

if fans are really token stanning just because of the company then fromis9 should have been more popular by now


she has the most beautiful face also the main slayer of that group. chaewon is both cute and sexy.Naturally pretty face, tiny waist, slim but curvy figure. She’s also very talented.Her facial expressions are great too. She’s a complete package The IT girl of 4th gen

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