What is the relationship between GD and BTS?

Why did RM and Jimin go to GD’s party??

1. No one knows about this

2. BTS is close to a Nike official

3. The two of them are close with Taeyang

4. We don’t know, Jimin has a good relationship with Taeyang

5. Taeyang and Jimin are best friends and RM is a close friend of a Nike official

6. Where is jimin?? I only see RM

7. RM and Jimin can’t go to GD’s party?ㅋㅋㅋ

8. I see LE SSERAFIM is there too, looks like it has nothing to do with friendship

9. The combination of people there seems to have nothing to do with each other?? Taeyang became close to Jimin while collaborating with him and said that he knew RM from participating in an exhibition. I don’t know anything else

10. It’s not GD’s own party

11. It was mixed between GD’s acquaintances and celebrities invited by Nike

12. If GD and BTS were in the same place, they would always ask about their relationship

13. RM looks so cool in that picture

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Yg stan are really desperate to link bts and their fav lol. Well..thats their biggest achievement

bullshit detective

bro atleast be creative wtf is this


Are you talking abt blackpink lol. They are the one who obsessed with bb since they are in yg and one of them dated the animal abuser gd. Pretty sure the one who is close with jeremy is bp too lol. Why are you dissing your fav here lol

CeCyane '💜Ready for 🏖️ 🏟💜'

change bts with bp, and jimin with rose.
this one doesn’t do much, just sound stupid

CeCyane '💜Ready for 🏖️ 🏟💜'

RM is close with one of nike sk executives. he come to his house and all.
Jimin close to RM and taeyang.
Le Sserafim members (kazuha if i am not mistaken) are nike endorsers
so the tie here is nike imho.


GD, RM and jimin are neighbours. Can’t people have a nice dinner together without screaming “collab”, “brand deals”, “friendship”, etc? It shows how weird you are socially.

CeCyane '💜Ready for 🏖️ 🏟💜'

because it is nike+peaceminusone dinner. so it is about the brand


So what all of the guests have brand deals with Nike too? I bet they were all given a pair of shoes to wear, just like how celebs send their products to other celebs and they will help promote on instagram.


Jimin and Taeyang are bestfriends? One collab and they suddenly become bestfriends? I don’t think so. Why YG stan wants bts to have association with that group so badly? No…BTS and GD never hang out together. Going to the same party? Yes..if BTS members were invited,.ofc they would come out of.politeness. Jimin has been a fan of Taeyang and did a collab. Its good. But, no “bff” whatsoever.


Jhope is literally in photos on Gd instagram… and didnt Suga also praised BB in front of Taeyang? Jhope also invited Taeyang to his release party,Why they cant be friends or at least friendly?,they clearly share the same circle, gd is also friends with the nike sk executive he literally has a brand collab with nike for years… yall dont own your idols or anything to dictate who they hang out with


Jhope went to nike party bcuz the executive make exhibition inside hybe building and he didnt went to after party. Did you want suga to diss big bang infront of taeyang? And so what jhope invite taeyang? He invite other musicians and dancer. He stated that he didnt close and know personally with most of them. For eg. Simon.d said he didnt know jhope personally but he come bcuz why would he decline invitation from THEE bts. You are stupid if you’re think everyone in party are bff lol. You never went to party or other event? Are you close with each of them? And you also dont own bts too. So stay away from them. Go watch your panda criminal vid


Vape is the most delusion. They convinced themselves jimin able to debut on hot100 and reached #1 in iTunes US because of taeyang. Now, they are greeting their teeth.


Thats hilarious lol. Thats the last time taeyang will be on hot100 lol


Who dictate my fav? I just saw from their activities. They had a few interaction, Yes! But the same circle is doubtful. I know my own fav unlike you. RM always hangs out w/ his non celeb friends, Jhope mostly w/ Jimin, Yoongi have many celeb friends but minimal interaction w/ BigBang. Jungkook and Taehyung too. They mostly hangs out w/ Wooga Squad.


Thats bigbang and flopink activities lol


The way i said RM is really closed to Nike Director of Korea they gave me a downvote lmao.


Nike is simply trying to fish for BTS members now that they all accept individual brand deals and I don’t blame them, if I owned a brand I would also want to have a BTS member promoting it. It’s obvious Namjoon and Jimin don’t care what people think, that’s why they had no problem posing for the photo, see no more than what’s there. 


Jimin has a deal with Nike soon because of that Tiffany x Nike collab so it makes sense he’s invited here and Joon is close to Nike executives

spicy spice

funny to see how army can’t accept the fact that their fav are close to bigbang members lmao.


Funny how you want bts validation that much lol. If they are close, they will go to vacation together like namjoon with his non celeb friend, jhope/jimin with their zzinu/eunwoo squad, tae with wooga squad, etc. The only interaction of criminal bang with bts is only at official event lol. Funny how gdrugon didnt invite his other member and his fellow yg junior.. yet you think hes bff witg bts, lesserafim, etc. Lol


The best friend title is so abused in Kpop. Why assume because two people collaborate they are automatically best friends? I bet you that this is the first time Terry and James have seen each other since their promotions ended…

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Free namji


They= hagpink and big tank iktr


They probably are drug buddies

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