What is the relationship between GD and BTS?

Why did RM and Jimin go to GD’s party??

1. No one knows about this

2. BTS is close to a Nike official

3. The two of them are close with Taeyang

4. We don’t know, Jimin has a good relationship with Taeyang

5. Taeyang and Jimin are best friends and RM is a close friend of a Nike official

6. Where is jimin?? I only see RM

7. RM and Jimin can’t go to GD’s party?ㅋㅋㅋ

8. I see LE SSERAFIM is there too, looks like it has nothing to do with friendship

9. The combination of people there seems to have nothing to do with each other?? Taeyang became close to Jimin while collaborating with him and said that he knew RM from participating in an exhibition. I don’t know anything else

10. It’s not GD’s own party

11. It was mixed between GD’s acquaintances and celebrities invited by Nike

12. If GD and BTS were in the same place, they would always ask about their relationship

13. RM looks so cool in that picture

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