What Korean netizens say about BLACKPINK Jisoo ‘FLOWER’ MV


1. The song is good and the MV is beautiful too

2. Wow, the song is really good and the MV is great too

3. Wow, I think Jisoo really chose the song wellㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I didn’t expect that much until I watched the teaser, but I liked it after watching the MV

4. Wow look at Jisoo’s face.. she’s so pretty

5. That’s what I feel these days, but not all the top idols who are popular all over the world have good skills

6. The song and choreography are really bad… What happened…?

7. The song is not good and her voice is not good… The way she uses her body is awkward… I watched the MV and her facial expression was awkward…?

8. It’s like watching a brand promotional video

9. Her acting in the MV is so clumsy and meaningless

10. I was looking forward to the song, but it was so boring

11. I think the song would be better if Jennie sang it

12. She really looks like Tang Wei

13. This song is my favorite, all of BLACKPINK’s solo songs are goo

14. Honestly, she doesn’t have the skills or vocals to go solo…… Her face is seriously pretty…

15. The music video is crazy and the song is better than I thought

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She is very pretty in the mv but her voice is really nasal, like I just now understand why koreans find it hard to listen to her in Snowdrop

F. U

Then she shouldn’t have become a singer lmao stop defending that she’s not a good singer


but majority love her voice so how about not reading the articles about her and listening to her songs🤗


you dumb bitch, they just said they shes not a good singer, why would they listen to the song more?

Ladyboy lisa

Don’t force people going thru hell 🤣

Guest Who

Vocal training: 👁👄👁

Last edited 8 months ago by Guest Who

vocal trainings don’t change the tone of the voice you mastermind

Color color stan

Being nasal is a tone? pls go use a dictionary cause you’re being dumb 😂


Her awkwardness,her nasal voice and her bad dancing plus a bad song this the worst solo debut imo


8. It’s like watching a brand promotional video

Honestly, after I watched the mv where the part she wearing a Versace (purple one). I remember a video shoot of Emiliy Ratajkowski wearing the same outfit for Versace S23 collection campaign. It feels like Jisoo is part of the brand campaign.


Yasssss! As expected, she gave us nothing n left no crumbs!! Mother dozen is mothering!


a mother of dozen for sure

Jimin the tone deaf idol

Coming from little 7

F. U

💀says someone who stans dozen

spicy spice

both jisoo and jimin can’t sing. case closed.


N stiffsoo neither have the voice nor the dance ability. All she had was her overrated face card n yg budget mediaplay. Dozen for reason

Last edited 8 months ago by BlinkPink

it’s her looks that’s really working for her. But anything else? nah.

Ladyboy lisa

Spilled 🤭🤭

Hi, I'm Guest

Comment #8 spilled. I felt like watching an ad with a longer version + bgm. Her dance.. Stiff as I thought she would be

F. U

The song was really not that good tbh was expecting better tbh but it’s best to be actress for her…. There were only brand dresses and sets so i dont think her voice is that good

Ladyboy lisa

Come on dozen 💪💪 go give us nothing ☺️

Ladyboy lisa

You have to at least good at dancing or singing but this girl got neither 🤣🤣🤣


the song is good, her voice is the problem…

spicy spice

7. The song is not good and her voice is not good… The way she uses her body is awkward… I watched the MV and her facial expression was awkward…?

this. it’s clear that she can’t use her body and her face, she’s stiff af. she tried to look sexy but she’s sooooo fckin awkward. the song is probably Solo but 2nd vers.

nothing to say about her voice. nothing.


This part right here is the most awkward, stiff n hilarious I ve seen in the mv

spicy spice

this whole scene was the cringiest. both her and her dress are stiff af lmao.


You blinks and solo fans are the ones who FORCED and DEMANDED this solo. This is the mediocrity everyone expected, and she delivered. Equal treatment is not good for everyone.

you bitches can suffer with the bad comments and reviews.

Last edited 8 months ago by lolbitch

her pretty face and her pretty dress is the one who saved this mv tbh. the song is soso not that bad but not that good either, thing is her voice kinda don’t match with the song, she can’t hit high notes without stretching her voice. like she do that in the studio version I can’t imagine the live stage of this song though plus her dance movement really bad she’s so stiff😅 I think they should reduce the choreo scenes on the mv that would be more better

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