What Korean netizens say about BLACKPINK Lisa’s contract renewal with YG is unclear

BLACKPINK Lisa, contract renewal with YG in unclear… Discussion going smoothly with remaining 3 members

1. I’m not worried because I think Lisa will continue to do activities with BLACKPINK even if she signs with another agency

2. I’m not a fan, so I don’t know the details, but I think Lisa will renew her contract

3. I want to see BLACKPINK for a long time, no matter what their company is, just looking at BLACKPINK, the members seem to have a good relationship, so they will do well for a long time

4. They haven’t renewed their contract yet, I thought they renewed their contract

5. It’s her own life, so she will make the best choice for her

6. Isn’t Lisa the most popular overseas?… Will she leave BLACKPINK because she wants to promote solo?

7. I think Lisa will do well as a solo artist.. But it would be great if BLACKPINK promotes for a long time

8. Those who criticize Lisa are really stupid

9. She worked hard during her contract period, but why are you guys criticizing her? I support Lisa no matter what decision she makes

10. I really don’t want to believe the Chinese articles

11. Lisa will renew her contract, she bought an expensive house in Korea before

12. After August, you will know what Lisa’s heart is

13. Even if Lisa goes solo, it’s obvious that she’ll be so successful

14. There’s no reason to criticize her for not renewing her contract

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Ladyboy Lisa

Let him be 🥲


He has rich boyfriend why would he want to be an idol anymore


She’s too good for the rest blackpink member, she’s the only one who give her all during performances. I’ll support her decision no matter what


I’ll be glad if Lisa leaves, let the rest of the sloths learn to work


Oh please… they will all renew. They love being lazy influencers and they know they have no talent and are worthless without YG’s media play and connections.

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