What Korean netizens say about BLACKPINK Rosé’s dating rumors with Spotify CEO

Rosé dating Spotify CEO?

Is this normal?

He even went to her hotel room with her

He was holding her waist in front of everyone

[+387, -397]

1. [+237, -64] Get in your right mind…!

2. [+165, -189] But seeing how there are always talks about the two of them, it’s a bit suspicious

3. [+138, -16] Why does BLACKPINK always get posts like this every day?ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I guess you guys are really jealous of her, she’s the top female idol ㅠ

4. [+129, -152] But they get along so well. If they date, I will support them

5. [+124, -7] 2022, right? Spreading nonsense rumors is really disgusting;

6. [+79, -12] He always goes around to meet celebrities

7. [+71, -27] But what kind of company CEO went to Rosé’s hotel room with her?

8. [+61, -10] She stopped practicing for concerts while walking around like that and it ended like this

9. [+48, -18] She has a bit of an ajumma vibe now, so maybe he can date her

10. [+44, -3] He’s not the CEO, he’s the Global Head of Spotify, why are you guys spreading lies?

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WhatsThe Point

Be serious if it was literally any other idol y’all would be jumping up and down making rumours abt them, especially if the roles were reversed and if it was a BTS member.
Leave kpop, even western artists would have rumours but y’all wanna act high and mighty.

Really interesting how tae went to a museum with some rich kid and her mother and suddenly he had dating rumours all over the national search pages. But this ones getting shielded


Insane to see the difference of knetizens response to rose n v. I guess its because korea is huge with feminism so with bp is the biggest gg internationally, they cant accept of the fact that the possibility of bp climbing the ladder with numerous back door deals.

Just look at how easy bp can get TIME entertainer of year with bare minimum effort with only start promoting in august. Anyone who follow chart n impact internationally n in US know its bad bunny/harry styles year. Maybe even taylor swift although i think they probably reserve that title for her next year as she only start touring next year. Bp PR team definitely working overtime. They have been trying to make them biggest thing in US but failed most of the times.


insane to see armie prostitutes think that every woman is obsessed with dik like them

WhatsThe Point

Feminism flew out of the window.. “prostitute” are u projecting lol


Feminism y’all


But giving them all these accolades without impact will only make gp sour with them. It’s a matter of time before the western Stan’s they boot lick start dragging them because they are stepping on their faves toes. You can’t force success where there is none.

Ki Ki

South Korea is literally ripe with antifeminism…you and the person that wrote this article are just being misogynistic and think it’s okay to spread this type of rhetoric bc you don’t like them. BlackPink we’re given the title bc they were also named the biggest girl group in history, by Time(and Rolling Stone). Period end of Story. If you think they paid for it that means that Time can and will take bribes so they aren’t trustworthy anymore. Don’t consume their content and be done with it bc I promise sitting in the comment section of Pann won’t bring Justice. Also, it’s crazy how y’all can read these posts and see that it’s getting ASIAN WOMEN called prostitutes for being seen with a man and have the audacity to say it’s not fair this isn’t being covered like a dating rumor…I’ve seen multiple Kpop stans (mostly of the same group but that doesn’t matter) getting hundreds to thousands of likes slut-shaming and even full out calling Rosé a prostitute for this rumor alone. The most disturbing part is that it’s coming from women who stan men. At the end of the day a man may have been asked by “fans” to leave his group but a woman is being racially stereotyped bc she was pictured with a man and somebody saw the man she took a picture with stay at the same hotel ALL 4 blackpink members stayed for the vmas.


he was getting sheilded too, but it seems like you actually believed those rumors so you are projecting on rose now


Its was trending no1. N there even even further articles about the chaebol family, then some even saying v as gold digger. My point is rose not single out for this because she is woman. V even treated worst last year than rose by kmedias. But here rose article only on pann, nate. Kmedias wont dare to post about it as naver gonna block it.


He was in no way shielded but thanks for admitting your hag getting shielded for dating old men for deals

Jennie is Hooo

💪💪 Rose…take one for the team


the same way your mom did when your father went to get milk

Jennie is Hooo

😭😭😭 sorry 🤤


they went to hotel together? 😳 if its other gg they would be dragged non stop especially if its jang wooyoung


No need to see other gg. Look at BTS alone. V just visiting a museum, a public space with chaebol daughter n her mom already trending no1 in korea. While this rose got shielded so hard n it seem not even trending at naver. Fyi, naver is YG major shareholder so thats why rarely bp negative news being trending there.


just because your mom is a hore and your father is useless doesn’t mean everyone is like that stop projecting and focuse on yout twinks instead i mean didn’t v sleep with that rich woman before lol

a man hore just like your mom


Lmao V only spotted once at museum. He is not like rose who actually spotted at hotel with jeremy oppa. Now why spreading even baseless rumor.

Be careful with what you see on internet

Hotel what? Lisa, Jisoo, Rosie, Jennie stayed at that hotel together. He went there to meet her. That’s it. Haters try to make people believe that “they went to a hotel room” together alone, only two of them were there. Karma will come back to get those girls who attack other girls because of silly reasons.


To meet her for sex Wbk


armys here are some losers 🤡


if only armie hores here spend the same energy they have for bp on the gym and a shower, maybe y’all would find a real boyfriend and stop depending on parasocial pervy relationships with the 7 twinks


you can’t even spell the word whore you loser. we all know you’re a disappointment to your parents already, you don’t have to keep telling us.


I hope twink blinks will find boyfriends too so they can finally stop chasing bts 🍆


Best believe if this was another gg member or bts member this article would be trending no.1 in korea with all the negative comments… yg is very good at not letting negative articles trend for their favs… but anyone with a normal mind will be suspicious of what these girlies and their company are doing… they pay for every award, stream and title they get…


YG blocks all BP negative articles on Naver while their PR team working overtime to highlight their non existent impact. Had this been any other female or male idol they would be dragged through the mud but everything related to BP gets shielded, whether it’s consistent lazy dancing, unprofessional attitude, lack of songs, no work ethic or these women climbing social ladder by flirting with richer men with power and influence.

And this man was caught doing BP favours on Spotify so he is definitely getting something in return. Rose and him were hiding their faces while getting in the hotel together and have been spotted multiple times with each other in supposed dates. V just hanging out with a chaebol family at a public museum sparked so many dating rumours but Rose suspicious hotel pics with a married man is nothing much? The double standards lmao. Rose is getting everything handed to her by a rich man maybe that’s why she looks so bored, uninterested and puts in no effort at their concerts cuz she thinks performing for fans is below her level.


Kblanks in denial. She fucking but at least she getting something out of it


Story needs to continue to blow up in the west before they accept it in Korea. YG downfall coming

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