What Korean netizens say about BTS J-Hope starting his military enlistment process

Information about BTS J-Hope’s military service plan

1. You have to stay healthy and don’t get injured, Hobi

2. I won’t be able to see him smile for a long time ㅠㅠ I already feel empty when I can’t see Hobi ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

3. How the hell can I see this message 5 more times?… My heart is breaking…

4. This is the second time, but I can’t get used to it, my heart breaks when I see the title

5. Each member has their own plan, but every time I see it, my heart breaks

6. That’s why he works hard without resting

7. I think that’s why our Hobi worked so hard

8. Will J-Hope enlist before Suga? I’m asking because I’m curious

9. I thought J-Hope would go on his world tour too

10. It seems to be happening faster than I thought

11. I think J-Hope will do well in the army

12. Yoongi?? Isn’t Yoongi the next after Seokjin?

13. I think my heart has really stopped beating. How many times do I have to go through this? ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

14. I cried again…

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dot com bubble

Group hug ARMYs 🫂


What about Suga? Is he older than Jhope?

WhatsThe Point

YOONGI has time till the year end cúz of the deferment that was offered to BTS members. He’ll probably release his album, tour and enlist before 2024

Guest Who

calm your shit it’s not like yoongi is gonna run 🙄 he’s still gonna enlist, j-hope will just go first.


He chose to go earlier and cancel the postponement. Yoongi will go after the tour

White cat

They all get to postponed their enlistment. Jin and hobi just to cancel it and enter early than the date they suppose to go. Yoongi have time to stay .

Guest Who

It seems they really plan on coming back as a whole group by 2025. Following that plan, all 7 would enlist by the end of this year, max. early 2024.


Yeah I think so too🥺 they all will be gone by early this year.

Or there was another rumour that I heard was ml members will go after 2025. But I don’t think that’s true


It’s very possible. ML has chance of going in 2026, so they could have a comeback in 2025 like they wanted it


Yeah that’s what I was thinking too coz but with the way they are moving rn I don’t think that’s what they are going for. I think they will have a world tour after enlistment atleast that’s the hint I was getting. But I kinda wish for them to opt for 2nd one coz I wish just like yg for them to maximize their time too 🥺 I just don’t want all of them gone at the same time 😭


The earlier they all go, the sooner we will get ot7 with no doomposting by kpoppies and kmedia about how BTS will disband due to military


well that’s true the earlier they go the sooner we will see them together but I just dont think I can handle all 7 gone at the same time


it’ll be fine, I’m sure bighit has contents already prepared for when all of them are inside the military and members can still post once inside. look at jin, he’s still chatting with j-hope on weverse 🤣

dot com bubble

Nah it’s more possible that they will all go before 2025. They plan to have a long career, I’m sure they don’t want to be interrupted again with the ML’s enlistment.

Lazy Banana

Only 5 more members to go 🫠


And the way that they want to gather back at 2025 (maybe their 2025 anniv), the rest 5 (6 with jhope) might enlist this year …


It’s not like suga is running , he knows what to do & has his own plans
I hope they don’t pressure him like they did to jin


Oh I am really worried for him ngl these jobless fuckers going to witch hunt him, but I am happy atleast there will be one member who will be taking full advantage of the extend time and it being yoongi makes it so 😍


yeah they will speciall come after him because there are rumors he will not have active service but that’s because he has his shoulder injuries


I remember seeing dkdktv they were taking about this and they said unless the person is in absolutely not condition to work only then they get to not join as active soldiers plus I think yoongi too will opt for active duty as that is for only 18 months while the other one is for 36 I think although I am not sure

White cat

He preparing for his tour. His fine and he doesn’t even go online. He just let the company to sue if they shit on him


Im not even a fan of bts , but I keep watching videos of him , he’s just so bright and full of good energy
I wish him a safe enlistment


Mi sole mio 💔😭


Let us free from bad music like this forever! Amen


Blonks getting brave. Babe they gonna comeback by 2025 while midpinks are going to disband next year 🥰


*this year. Their contract end very soon! They will disband in summer.


free us from tasteless people like you. thank you


I’m sorry but you have no escape from bts and jhope🤙


you won’t be free from bad music cause blackpink is not enlisting lol

White cat

Your parent wish to be from you yet you still here. Unfortunately.


Still haven’t found your own personality? You can’t out do the doer bitch. You should know that from years of stanning tankpink…


Ahhh I was thinking they will go in order so I was preparing my heart for yoongi’s news but out of nowhere hobi is going how do I cope up with that 😭


I think I’m the only one who’s *kind of* happy about this because the earlier he goes the earlier he will come


Honestly, the only bright spot to this.


I hope he does well ans stays healthy bc I remember him saying he doesn’t have a lot of stamina despite being such an amazing dancer.

seungri is free

maybe finally kpop will clean up without these 7 assholes 🙂


kpop will be free if assholes like you stop commenting 🤷🏽‍♀️


Who is this? Is that her face?


World will be clean up if it gets rid of filthy minds like you, asshole. You are so disgusting 🤢


worry about seungri cleaning other inmates assholes first

White cat

You don’t even clean you own ass that why u shit using your mouth. Nothing useless come from your existence.


says the one who stans seungri 😂


Our sun and moon will be in military this year. I really wonder what’s going on in the world 😭😭


Go safe and healthy hobi 💜😭

seungri is free

who this horse behind this autist ? 🙂 lol


You are not funny, you are PATHETIC. 🙂 lol


Actually, it makes sense for Hobi to leave early, he released his album early, was at Lollapalooza promoting it, went to fashion shows and was recently in NY for another project, it looks like he did everything he wanted to do and decided to enlist. Army knows that his promise to reunite the 7 as a group in 2025 was not trivial, they are serious, we know we can trust them. All the best to our Sun. 


By the way, Jhope was saying in interviews that he has big plans for 2023. There may be something about Bt21 Mang and Hope On The Street while he was in the army ✨


we will wait for you 💜😭


All able-bodied male South Korean citizens must serve in the armed forces for at least 18 months, though the length of service may vary. Draft begins in the year they turn 18 but the men may postpone it until age 28. In December 2020, the South Korean National Assembly passed the so-called “BTS law” to allow K-pop entertainers to postpone the service until the age of 30, with a recommendation from the culture minister (source: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.billboard.com/music/pop/bts-members-serve-south-korea-military-1235156836/amp/)

BTS’s success has won the male K-pop idols a reprieve from South Korea’s mandatory military assignment.
( Source: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.vox.com/platform/amp/culture/22082950/south-korea-military-conscription-law-bts-jin )

There are idols who are older than jhope and already passed 28 but haven’t enlisted yet. They are using the so-called BTS law to their advantage by delaying their enlistment. Korean government only passed this bill after dynamite’s success so that bts can delay their enlistment till they are 30, now every other idols are also using it. This gives more opportunities for their faves to release music but their fans would rather kill themselves than accept this fact and be grateful to BTS.


Eww we want jungkook


A trash solo again 🚮


But he don’t want you


Lol those lurk and tea twitter accounts talked about him going on tour and then he dropped this. I didn’t expect this to happen considering he said he has a big project coming up and also he just signed with LV. Anyway, it’s his decision.


All these lurk/tea acc are pure bs 😆 yesterday I saw on on my tl saying two of bts members will do a photoshoot together and people were trolling them 🤣


Fuck Korea


Ugh, I knew it was coming but I still feel the shock. I’m so glad he got to do a lot of big solo activities beforehand. All the best to Hobi! 💜


Nooo hair really helps him 😭

It's whatever

this is so sudden. I would say it’s normal for jhope to enlist because he already release his album and did several solo activities. but the fact that he’s releasing a single in the middle of jm promotions is so weird. makes me think something fishing is cooking


it’s bighit panning that sucks but jhope should’ve known better too. he had a full month of solo debut while jimin isn’t getting the same gesture which sucks because jimin had never interfered with any of the members promotions in 2022. going to the military it takes 3 months jhope could’ve waited

Critical thinker

Apparently Jimin’s album was supposed to be out in February, I think jhope already had this planned out since last year. It wouldn’t be fair for him to postpone his plans due to the album delay. Plus there’s 2 more weeks until Jimin’s album and he still has plenty of time to promote after the release.


I agree bh planning sucks but lol its not just jm who is getting this treatment when jitb was released this happened with l&r was released 1 week before arson and bd 3 weeks after, same for TA and indigo and not this I have said this many times and will say it again bh sucks at planning


Taking Hobi away is an actual crime and I will continue hoping the worst on sk.

Other than that, hope his service will go smoothly and he’ll come back to us soon ☹️

Last edited 27 days ago by stfu bitch

what am I gonna do for 2 whole years

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