What Korean netizens say about BTS’ Jimin ‘Like Crazy’ getting #1 on Billboard Hot 100

BTS Jimin ‘Like Crazy’ No.1 on Billboard Hot 100!!!!

‘FACE’ No. 2 on Billboard 200


1. Our Jimin did this ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ Congratulations Jimin-ah

2. Wow, this is crazy

3. This album is really good!!!!! I’m so proud of Jimin

4. Congratulations to Jimin.. American ARMYs, thank you so much ㅠㅠㅠ

5. Wow, really???????????????? Crazy, Jimin is so cool

6. Daebak, Jimin is crazy, Korea’s first solo singer

7. I thought it would be difficult to get #1 in the future because the rules about Billboard were changed, but as expected, BTS and ARMY are amazing

8. Wow, Jimin is amazing, as expected, he has a good voice and his performance is amazing, so I thought something was going to explode. Congratulations on getting 1st place

9. Wow crazy… If Jungkook makes a solo debut, it’ll be crazy

10. Guys, can’t we just write congratulatory comments instead of fighting? No matter what you say, Jimin is amazing

11. I didn’t expect it, but he really got the 1st place, Jimin-ah, congratulations

12. Jimin did so well ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ American ARMYs are amazing too

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thank you for listening to like crazy


antis are so mad that bts’ fans listen to bts songs , like do you expect bts’ fans to listen to bigbang’s songs ☠️

keep trying to use ‘ poor my ears ‘ , ‘poor armys’ hearing’ like dang okay thank you for telling me you have ear infection for 10 years , don’t be projecting on the fans just because you have an ear infection that you get from somewhere 🙄


“Like Crazy” really was the perfect name for this cb title track since he made both ARMY and antis go crazy over him. The obsession is never ending atp.


Larry….I told you to.focus.on your medication! So you couldn’t go.around and doing stupid things. SMH.


man couldve use this essay to get a phd instead at least it get you something real


No one is reading all that


Wrote a whole paragraph that said nothing.

You’re ‘like crazy’ 😜

Hi, I'm Guest

Yes, you are latwink. You just don’t realize it yet. Look at all your past comments, everyone can tell that you’re obsessed 🤪 keep on being obsessed


Anti = Loser xD
Jimin (BTS +Army) = Winner today

Last edited 5 months ago by ARMY✌️



“No one”. When eng ver has been rising fast on spotify showing that its reaching local n local love it. Keep crying. One bad encore not gonna diminish the fact that jimin has beautiful unique vocal.


Finally, a post abt it! I’m so proud of him again for his album. Congrats to this star who can easily keep everyone’s attention for a lifetime.


comment 9, yeah jungkook did so well even before his official debut, honestly if there’s no competition with country-ass singers during his solo debut, I say I will be pretty confident that he will be able to be 1st on BB100 and BB200


My faves tankpink are flops in the US as they should be


With thousands version?? nahh


1 korean version, 1 english version, 2 remix, 1 instrumental. Not thousands,silly.

Hi, I'm Guest

Your parents need to sue the school you went to. All those thousand dollar spent, & you still can’t do simple math, even some monkeys are cleverer than you. Your parent’s money deserves to be refunded


Damn, all that unprovoked hate against my pookie just for him to keep winning lol karma


29 versions. bighit seem to have a severe favoritism because they didn’t even promote previous members’ solos as hard as this before?? what did jimin do? sleeping with the ceo??


Not sleeping with you apparently pants so tight you start projecting


pigmin is not even straight why would he sleep with me or any women? he loves bangpd’s and old ceos’ dicks


Pigmin is a $lut.


i second that


If only other three slept with their boss. They would have gotten number of Version too. Well they have dignity i guss which pigmin lacks


Meh. I wish I can be proud of it but it’s all fandom labour. Other artists are doing it too so nowadays I feel like charts are becoming meaningless. At the end of the day, good songs will prevail. Like Crazy is definitely not one of them.

dot com bubble

You’re typing this while crying, well cry harder lmaoooooooooooooo. I enjoy yall’s bitter comments


Armys being proud of doing this when they used to drag others because it is inorganic is even more embarrassing please nobody will cry over a forgettable record like this


Like Crazy is a good song and is too bad fans have to push it


I’m happy very happy, we were aiming for a top 20 after the top 30 of Set me free pt2 and that we worked so hard and got that #1 is wonderful. Despite youtube, spotify and hanteo, without radio or a thousand versions of the album, it was achieved. I’m so proud of Jimin and Army, we made history again. 

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