What Korean netizens say about BTS Jimin not entering the top 10 on Billboard HOT 100 chart this week

1st to 10th place on Billboard HOT 100 chart this week

1. Jimin didn’t make it to the top 10?

2. Keep in mind that the fans are the public too… Without BTS, there would be nothing to say about Korean singers entering Billboard’s Top 10

3. Koreans are racist against Koreans, you guys are crazy

4. It’s not just about Jimin, it’s true that US radio won’t play songs that aren’t in English, right?

5. Jisoo didn’t enter the Billboard chart this time?

6 .No, I just don’t know why you guys are so obsessed with US chartsㅋㅋㅋㅋ

7. All I know is that Jimin is amazing

8. In the future, it will be difficult for K-pop songs to enter the Billboard HOT 100…. They keep changing some rules;; US radio doesn’t play K-pop songs at all no matter how much fans ask for it…

9. I’m looking at the comments, but why do you guys keep fighting? There are a lot of singers who can’t even make it to the top 20 despite so many versions

1 0.Billboard seems to be doing well

11. No, why are you guys so obsessed with Jimin? Why do you guys hate Jimin’s 1st place on Billboard so much?

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the only reason he wasnt able to enter the top 10 is bc fucktard billboard decided of a last minute change on sunday. guess radio play is more organic than fans listening and buying the music. corrupt country with corrupt and racist systems. Its always when bts charts well when bb decides to change the rules and its not subtle its obvious how threatened american media is by bts and them not using typical american tactics to chart. top 10 songs are full of payola and radio play

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Funny how everyone was quick to say Jimin was HYBE’s “favorite”, accuse him of sleeping with Bang PD and what not, over 2 remixes, 1 instrumental, and an English version of Like Crazy just to go all quiet now when Jimin is being sabotaged in broad daylight and being quite literally pushed down the charts by Billboard (and HYBE and Geffen are doing absolutely nothing)

Over 100K sales deleted just because they’re bitter an Asian act is doing good on the charts without being backed up by the industry lol. Imagine how utterly fucking tired and fed up we are…

Don’t even get me started on kpoppies ‘celebrating’ this shit like actual mindless sheep cause I can assure you none of yall will be laughing and talking about “karma” when you’ll realize and face what this sudden “change” means for non-English, HONEST artists; if you think BTS will take a huge fall on the American charts.. BOY, do I have news for what that will mean for your kpop faves 😘

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Yoongi’s album will ship on time, the wording on that Weverse notice is confusing but one of Yoongi’s fanbase asked Weverse about it and Weverse confirmed it will be shipped on 21st April , the day of the album’s release


it literally isnt going to be smh


where did you read it wouldn’t ship on time ? Sure for Indigo and The Astronaut, they were not shipped on time but not sure where you get the information for D-Day


man go suck on my dick you incest breeded bitch


And how is shipping Jimin’s fault? I’m dead serious. You are trying to push Geffen and HYBE’s job (and their incapability of getting shit right STRICTLY for BTS) onto Jimin, like?? Is that not insane??

Accusing Jimin of favoritism because they happened to fix and start doing ONE thing right after countless complaints (about it) from armys. You’re very unserious.


I see you still didn’t fix that Jimin obsession you got going on.

Truth is Like Crazy could be the most viral song right now (though it’s enjoying its fair share of popularity among locals; if you’d go outside instead of being stuck inside the house, obsessing over Jimin and talking about him up and down everyone’s comments, you would probably know that) and yall would still be here, talking about it being an “unknown song”. The same shit you weirdos pull with any BTS-related song.


No bub, that’s what happens when Billboard is salty about you succeeding without being backed up by the industry. The sales did just fine, otherwise they wouldn’t have had to delete over 100K sales from him.

Now run along and start minding your faves who will quite literally have to start doubling their already 20+ versions from now on 🤗


What is organic about companies paying radio stations? There were songs with similar streams to Jimin’s with 100x more radio play at the top of the predictions lmao


Well they established Jimin and BTS as the only K-pop acts to ever see the top of the Hot 100 😊

Hi, I'm Guest

Please, list this so called 29 versions u closeted stans keep mentioned about. Bcs I cannot find the other 24 version


Cause radio which is a dying medium is soo organic, am I right? Get real, radio is in bed with billboard and Tiktok & Spotify get paid to boost tracks. Real organic songs are rare


the only fraudulent thing is how you came in this world with your parents being siblings. they should be testing you in a lab like the inbred rat you are


fkin funny how you say this shit yet your faves cant even chart in their own country let alone jisoo didnt even make it to the hot 100.. but i guess you getting fucked by your dad too much made you too special in the head


why blinks acting brave here when jisoo failed to enter even at 100th place? like your favs don’t even have the luxury to free-fall even if you want to lol


Ironically, your faves did same thing to chart high on bb 200. Do you realize this gonna affect other kpop groups charting on bb200 as well?


ARMY, lets help trend #BillboardCorrupt on twitter. Demand explanation from them where did that 100k+ sales went. Spotify heard us before n corrected it. So, we can do this again. Dont let them silent us.


dozensoo bubbling under even after all these deals with Spotify, promo and fake hype on TikTok, Youtube deals, constant stream begging from her bandmates, and mass buying from her twink ass fandom. worry about that.


They changed the rules just because Jimin got that #1, I’m glad Billboard is scared of us, Army will adapt and put one member or the whole group back in that top 10. As for the rest of the kpop groups, I feel sorry for you guys, you have no chance of getting into that top 10, your fans only care about BTS. 

Teenaged puppy

Don’t feel sorry for them, they deserve to flop


Shut the fuck up you idiot, he was in top 10 this week at 6,but billboard filtered 99% of his sales, this just me no Asian will get too 19 ever again


Fvck BB for treating fan support as inorganic but still validating companies buying their charts.

Ig the only way BB wants anyone to top their charts from now on will be for companies to pay in order to force songs down ppl’s ears. No, but seriously, exactly how many of these songs currently on the list are actually being actively sought out and supported by actual listeners?

They ​ALREADY limited “mass buying,” or whatever BS “fan manipulation” they spout on abt, b4 these new rule changes, so this Jimin’s #1 should show that the fan support is fair by BB’s standards, ESP when these charts STILL don’t limit their counts on companies can do. But BB (and the western music industry, lbfr) never play fair.

Worse is how these changes make it so much harder for new artists, small company artists, and foreign artists on the charts. Not to mention that it also means all artists will be making less for their songs too. Way to support the class system and widen that gap, BB.

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If you want to lie, try smt more convincing. EVERY fandom has been wanting their artists to chart and basically anyone involved in the music industry, from fans to critics, keep track of who’s charting.


Did you not understand his/her comment?
The comment was just badically saying that the one who is making a fuss about charts everytime are his fans and when he didn’t chart it’s still his fans crying out loud about him not charting


he debuted n1 that time & that’s enough


Oh so billboard also hate army, which is hated by everyone in the world :))) Well I think they deserve it, what a sweet punishment. You guys keep dragging everyone down and karrma come :)))


You realize these rules affect EVERY artist, right? Not just BTS. You’re not going to find any kpop topping the charts unless they pay to play with these rules (which means artists will have to work harder with less pay to get the same results–and that’s not just kpop artists either), but ig your bitterness towards a fandom overrides any care you have towards any artist.

No worries for you tho. Luckily, you can blame karma again for your favs’ fails.


Karma came to pigmin already, what a big archive. Biggest freefall ever

CeCyane '💜Ready for 🏖️ 🏟💜'

if BTS get threaten bad, do you really think your fav will ever enter the chart after this ?
BB basically make it impossible for asian to chart if they don’t pay for radio play and spotify playlist. all those money are taken from the artists (not from the label).
small artists will be be in debt their entire life with this kind of system, so they can chart.


you guys really don’t care about others artist here. You are just care about your bts idol, don’t even drag everyone else here. When you high top on billboard, you said you poop on kpop. Now when you fall down, nobody care. Care pigmin ass when he fall.


Just keep pooping and dragging other asians artist down when you donate the way to top 1, now when you fall down you want justice? Fuck your justice, where is justice for all other artist when you diss them, bash them everyday>

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