What Korean netizens say about HYBE concedeing the management rights of SM Entertainment to Kakao

[Exclusive] HYBE concedes the management rights of SM Entertainment to Kakao

HYBE will concede the management rights of SM to Kakao. Kakao’s acquisition of HYBE’s stake in SM and HYBE’s participation in the Kakao Ent listing as the 2nd largest shareholder in SM is left open

1. Oh my God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Really????? HYBE did wellㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

2. SM can’t throw away their Chinese dream

3. Wow but I hate Kakao ㅠ

4. Can anyone explain what this means?

-> Kakao takes over SM

5. I’m curious what will happen when Kakao takes over SM

6. Wow HYBE did so well

7. I think that’s the conclusion that SM fans and HYBE fans will like. I’m curious about the cooperation plan between HYBE and Kakao

8. HYBE, you did so well ㅠㅠ

9. It’s good that we won’t see Lee Soo Man at SM forever

10. HYBE, now you should focus on your artists

11. What will happen to SM artists if Kakao takes over SM?

12. Now SM’s stock price has dropped

13. Anyways, I’m glad all of that sh*t is over

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damn pannkpop is so fast 😭


thank god hybe leave this batle field with a gained profit lmao.
sometimes, giving up doesn’t mean you’re losing. hybe did well lol


yup, pink blood stans should be worried due to the demands kakao has for sm idols.

mother dozen

they should be but they’re celebrating all over social media. whatever happens to their faves, i’ll feel bad for them but their fans wanted this so it sucks that their fans don’t care about their well-being. they hate hybe more than they love their faves.


maybe they think that no one can be worse for their idols than lsm…. but just wait.

mother dozen

they’re just a bunch of losers because for years they’ve been calling lsm a genius. when he didn’t mention bts in his documentary, when he claimed superm as the avengers of kpop, when he got a fucking street named after sment, they were calling him the father of kpop and calling him a king. they got mad at armys when we called him a weirdo for wanting to sell his idols’ blood, and trust armys have receipts! but suddenly they all hate him and want him dead for “betraying” sm and calling bts the best thing sk has. he sucks and can go to hell but i firmly believe kakao will be much worse. no way a company as big as kakao doesn’t have dirty laundry and the only thing keeping them from getting exposed yg-style is probably the loads of influence and power they have over korea’s government. i’ll cackle when sm idols get caught in the fray if kakao’s downfall ever comes because this is what their fans wanted! sucks for them but take that up with their own fans.


I am a hardcore sm fan and I have celebrated huge defeat for Sm..its so much better for SM idols..I dont understand why you think Hybe is so good for SM idols..you are delusional


I think their main aim is about dear U bubble n its being mentioned that there sort of collab between dear u n weverse. With the way SM current management going, i dont think they can be that successful either. Its gonna stay like how back then. Different is that, no more crazy idea by LSM.

Color color stan

Lee soo man just got fucked and not in a good way 😂 deserved


Chris Lee Slapped Lee Soo Man’s cheek causing Lee Soo Man to run crying to HYBE just for HYBE to slap them on the other cheek lmaoooo


with this, the public is celebrating with hybe lol their stocks are high while sm stocks are down..


Its because people believe SM gonna be alot more successful if they get acquired by hybe. Its hybe excellent choice of music, etc that SM missing about.


Hybe played it well


Thats good. Leave that flop comp and focus on your artist. The only bad thing is more mediaplay abt smshit artist are coming🤢

spicy spice

this is what sm stans want after all. let’s see..


Today is one of the days where I love HYBE, the news made my fucking day, not even gonna lie 🤌🏻 Can’t wait for Kakao to instaure those slave contracts they were talking about and SM and their pink bloods purposely choose to ignore. Fighting Kakao!!

Ah, good day for annoying people (me)


So, is it over now?

Idgaf abt what happens to SM, but all I want is to not see Kakao do anymore media and chart manipulation or monopolize streaming services again (tbf, with their track record, doubt they’ll last long without some kind of scandal, but as long as it doesn’t touch my grp, I’m good).

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