What Korean netizens say about Jennie’s dance scene and expression in ‘The Idol’

Jennie’s dance in ‘The Idol’ revealed more

1. Crazy… I feel like I’ve seen scenes I don’t want to see…

2. What did I see…?.. My eyes

3. What… what is this…?

4. …? Looks like p*rn

5. Really… ? What is this.. why did she do this..??

6. Wow what did I see?

7. Look at her expression in the first gif.. It looks so dirty

8. No, look at her expression… I hate The Weeknd so much because of this drama

9. No… what the hell…?

10. What kind of drama is this…?

11. What scene…? I doubt my eyes

12. No, I can’t believe it’s Jennie ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

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