What Korean netizens say about Jennie’s dance scene and expression in ‘The Idol’

Jennie’s dance in ‘The Idol’ revealed more

1. Crazy… I feel like I’ve seen scenes I don’t want to see…

2. What did I see…?.. My eyes

3. What… what is this…?

4. …? Looks like p*rn

5. Really… ? What is this.. why did she do this..??

6. Wow what did I see?

7. Look at her expression in the first gif.. It looks so dirty

8. No, look at her expression… I hate The Weeknd so much because of this drama

9. No… what the hell…?

10. What kind of drama is this…?

11. What scene…? I doubt my eyes

12. No, I can’t believe it’s Jennie ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

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Karina melon

Her expression doing s3x with king taehyung 😍


Taetae sticks with her for a reason


His sextoy


Her reaction when ur dad fucking her


you wish 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕


I need gurumi now 😭 pls post about her and taehyung.. Sextape or something


Worry about jenfad and ur dad sex tape


you wish 🖕🖕


I don’t think they’re that reckless to film that


man are confuse what to grip, because there’s no ass


her expression looks awkward


It’s h0rny


Your fav is actress or flop idol? Maybe influence r ig?


but the clip is not a sex a scene she’s dancing while look like a horny

I speak facts

There’s tasteful scenes and then there’s just straight up vulgar…


Knets back in their Seoul Cycle ish and we love to see it


She’s not an actress she’s an idol. She picked this role knowing the backlash she’d get from at least her Korean homeland but she only cares about the west so I imagine she’s shocked they dragging her too


She is simulating sex scenes because slutnie can’t do full out sex scene in a drama like this so she has to do something close to it.


What happened to women empowerment? She’s being used by two men for their own pleasure. She really has no self respect. First role gives you a chance to portray the way you want people to see you. It’s pathetic how her fans defend her and feel offensive on behalf of Jennie. If she cared about getting slvtshamed or criticized she wouldn’t have done this but she doesn’t care about y’all. She’s only looking for west’s validation and it backfired. She acts like a slvt but her fans get mad when she’s called a one.


A s3× scene could look good. The expressions can look uncringy and stuff. But here the expressions are literally doing nothing. It looks something out of a C-grade movie. I don’t wanna blame her maybe the director told her to use these expressions. More than a dance step it’s more looking like they are dry h0mping eo in public🙂

I am still shocked as to why she chose to act in such a drama with a gross director.

but I wasn’t done…

Jennie the anti feminist


seoul cycle is living her name

Guest man

Her expressions were not cringy like here. And isn’t this a dance step or something…


No wonder she dated 3 idols back to back in 2 yrs. She is more interested in this life than being an idol. Worst girl. For this role she went to new York for months?? 😂 😂 She is sure something. She didn’t give such efforts for practising for stage. She likes this type of things i guess. Seoul cycle living to her name. She is degrade of the group along with dozen jisoo. I feel bad for rosé and lisa.


It wasn’t just 3 idols. She dated others (like Ilhoon), she just didn’t get caught. Also Harry Hudson.


According to gurumiharibo, jennie sent naked photos to taehyung 🤢


When did they say that


I don’t think they’re actually dating them walking together was by Chinese cosplayers not them really. I don’t have a problem with them dating but i believe it fake for MANY reasons

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