What Korean netizens say about NiziU debuting in Korea in September

NiziU to debut in Korea in September

“Our new full album Coconut just got released! This year, we will hold our 2nd tour in Japan with gratitude. In September we will also debut in Korea so please treat us well”

1. I think it will be difficult for them because the 4th generation female idols are doing so well

2. NMIXX and ITZY are not doing well in Korea, why is NiziU debuting in Korea?

3. Honestly, it’s not K-pop, but it’s 1000 times better than XG

4. I like NiziU. They dance well, sing well and speak Korean well

5. To be honest, anyway they won’t be like TWICE, BLACKPINK, or NewJeans anyway

6. I like their songs, but I don’t think I’ll listen to them in Korean

7. Didn’t they give their acceptance speech or interview in Korean? They speak Korean pretty well, but I’m curious about the songs, will they be released in Korean?

8. What about NMIXX and ITZY?

9. Foreign groups can promote in Korea, it’s like K-pop groups do well overseas

10. Honestly, it’s much better than XG. At least NiziU shows enough respect for K-pop and Korea

11. I’m looking forward to them because they’re good at Korean

12. Are they popular in Japan?

13. Korean idols also debuted in Japan, so what’s the problem?

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