Netizens are divided over NiziU releasing Korean album in Korea next year

[Exclusive] NiziU, rocking girl groups in the country… Korean album release next year + official activities

Girl group NiziU under JYP Entertainment will release their first album in Korea in 2023 and begin activities

1. Out of the 4th generation girl groups, I think JYP’s groups are the worst right now

2. They’re doing well in Japan, so I thought they’d only promote in Japan

3. They promoted well in Japan, and now that they’re debuting in Korea, NiziU fighting!

4. But how is it different from a Korean group releasing a Japanese album in Japan?

5. Do the members speak Korean?

6. Shouldn’t they be worried about the results of girl groups under JYP that are active in Korea?

7. Just take care of NMIXX

8. They debuted under JYP, so they’ll be active in Korea

9. Isn’t the domestic girl group already saturated…?

10. It’s an all-Japanese group, so who cares?

11. Just promote in Japan

12. So what about NMIXX?

13. I think they will be cursed a lot

14. Are they all Japanese? Korean album?

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