What made Karina more popular than Winter?

What made Karina more popular than Winter?

Is the difference in communication greater than the difference in skills..? Looking at them, Karina is much more popular, but Winter is the member who attracts fans

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1. [+101, -11] Isn’t it just because she’s prettier? Winter is no different from when she debuted, but Karina is getting prettier

2. [+53, -4] I think I’ve seen a hundred times that Winter isn’t popular, but it sounds like you’re just trying to brainwash others. It’s not fun, so don’t post it anymore

3. [+50, -47] Karina was more popular than Winter in the first place, right?

4. [+42, -5] Seriously, Karina fans, why are you guys writing this…?

5. [+16, -1] I hate Karina fans who always post things like this

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They’re both ugly plastic horse faces be fr


let’s see how you look like


Share your face now let’s us judge your face


I think Karina is attractive. Yes, they both had plastic surgery. I think Winter doesnt suit to ice princess consept


Karina has boobs her proportion is better than winter, winter is shorter than her

RM impregnate ME

The power of PS.


Karina is pushed harder by SM since she’s the center and had all the pre-debut hype marketing.


You says that because she stand out but only ppl who observe knows better but it’s so obvious and ppl are just dumb to think that winter is not the faves. Ppl don’t notice that and all they see is karina instead of winter.


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I hope Winter gains more weight tho, she’s so skinny it almost look like she’d get blown away by slightest wind

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