What netizens say about Aespa in Gettyimages at sothebys

Aespa by Gettyimages at sothebys

1. They are all pretty

2. Giselle is seriously pretty, they’re all pretty

3. Aespa’s face combination is so harmonious even though there are only 4 people

4. Giselle’s style is perfect. She looks so much prettier. Coordi, I hope you do well like this in the future

5. All the clothes are pretty, and Karina’s skirt is pretty too

6. Giselle has beautiful skin so she looks good in Gettyimages

7. Seriously, Karina looks like AI in her solo picture

8. Giselle looks like a doll

9. Karina looks chic even in Zara clothes

10. Giselle seems to have found the perfect style for her

11. Giselle is so pretty, her skin is so pretty

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