What netizens say about BLACKPINK Jisoo ‘Flower’ getting 2nd place on Melon TOP 100

BLACKPINK Jisoo ‘Flower’ ranked 2nd on Melon TOP 100!!!

1. The song is so good

2. As a solo artist, not a group, I think it would be great if she made it to the top 10, but Jisoo is even more amazing

3. The more you listen to the song, the better it gets

4. Wow, the song is really good.. I knew she would do well

5. Wow, Jisoo is crazy

6. I’m really happy

7. The song is good, it’s addictive

8. The interesting thing about BLACKPINK is that the more you scold them, the more they set new records

9. I’m addicted to the song

10. Jisoo-ya, thanks for the good song

11. BLACKPINK is doing so well

12. I love the song, I like the b-side song too, Jisoo unnie is amazing

13. I really like the song

14. I’m proud of you, Jisoo

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