What netizens say about BTS ‘HYYH’ worldview drama ‘Youth’ teaser

BTS ‘HYYH’ worldview drama ‘Youth’ Teaser

1. Maybe the members’ names have been changed?

2. What is this? It’s like BTS’ MV

3. Big Hit is crazy, why can they sell the singer’s worldview?

4. Didn’t they stop producing this drama?

5. They use BTS members’ names, right? They are crazy

6. I like HYYH, so I don’t want anyone to touch it

7. Looks like they even included BTS songs in this drama…

8. Even though fans have said that they really don’t want it, do they still do it?

9. Can’t they promote it without mentioning BTS?

10. I thought it was canceled, but it’s coming out

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