What netizens say about BTS Jimin’s pre-release song ‘Set Me Free Pt.2’ Official Teaser

BTS Jimin’s pre-release song ‘Set Me Free Pt.2’ Official Teaser

1. Wow, it’s crazier than I thought

2. Crazy… Something big is coming

3. What is it??? I thought it would be a gentle song. Daebak

4. Daebak, I really like that BTS has many group songs, individual songs and collaboration songsㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

5. I’m curious about the genre of the song

6. Wow, it really gave me goosebumps. Jimin is crazy ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

7. I love it so much, I keep watching it!!!!!!!!!!

8. I can’t imagine the vibe will be like this

9. Park Jimin who really knows his fans well

10. Jimin-ah, sorry for yelling at you, but you’re crazy!!!!!!

11. I heard that Jimin is going to make a solo debut, so I think it will be suitable for him if he sings a solo song like On or Black Swan

12. I’m sorry, but I only see Park Jimin’s face;

13. The pre-release song is so powerful ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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the one thing about bts is that they care about music.. I’m so excited for JIMIN!


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If he’s going to sound like that the entire song 💀💀💀


Go choke on your dadás balls you unwanted chode


fr the heavy autotune got me laughing


b!tch where? get your ears checked


I hope 😭😭😭💜


holy f*ck! It’s going to be insane!


Werk it sister jimin 💅🏻 You slayyy


Sister? 😭
You guys want pigmin to be a woman do bad 🤢 that’s a 30 year old man. And then you get mad when he gets dragged because of comments like this


isn’t pigmin woman?


are you a woman tho? because you have a mustache lol

mother dozen

your name and address will be posted soon 🙁


trust me the only pig here is you 😂
jimin is making $$$$ meanwhile you remain jobless & pressed

mother dozen

stupid dumb bitch, you’re an idiot. you have worms in your brains and a father who prays on your suicide.


are you mad because jimin is more good looking than you ? meanwhile you have a lady mustache? 😂

mother dozen

you won’t be so happy when i send your info to 4chan and reddit and get you do x xed you waste of space


fuglymin mf can’t even think of other concept. jhope and rm released albums with new concept but this guy sticks to this concept because he knows if he doesn’t do this fierce concept he’ll flop


he’ll flop for sure 😭
he will only sell 1m copies in 1 day then he will top the billboard charts and break tons of records on spotify and youtube and he will top 100 countries only 😭
jimin deserves better!

mother dozen

shut up.


That’s because Jimin has no identity. All he has is his dancing.


No cause according to the concept photos I thought it was gonna be a slow-ish song.. Imagine my surprise when I heard that beat 😭 Should’ve known better

Jimin giving LIE and ON a sister, let’s goo king!!


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Not to mention the choreo, but this sound is just crazy. I’m looking forward to where Jimin takes his music.

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