What netizens say about BTS Suga Agust D releasing ‘People Pt.2 (feat. IU)’

BTS Suga Agust D ‘People Pt.2 (feat. IU)’ Poster

Agust D ‘D-2’ mixtape “People”

1. Daebak, IU and Suga, this combination is the best

2. I’m looking forward to this combination.. I’m a fan of both of them

3. Wow, it’s a song that I really like, but part 2, daebak!!

4. Daebak!!!! I want to see them perform on stage together

5. Hul I like this song so much

6. The lyrics of this song are really good. I’m looking forward to it

7. Wow I cried so much listening to that song when I was depressed.. Can’t wait

8. Everyone in the world should listen to part 1 at least once

9. I really like this song, I’m really looking forward to it, Yoongi

10. The song itself is crazy, but the combination of the people who write and sing it is even crazier

11. Suga and IU’s combination is so good, I want to see them perform together on stage

12. Daebak, I’m looking forward to it ㅠㅠ

13. Wow crazy ㅠㅠㅠ The pre-release song is a song featuring IU’s vocals

14. I like this song the most out of Suga’s songs, I guess he will dominate the charts

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