What netizens say about BTS Suga collaborating with IU again

[Exclusive] BTS Suga and IU meet again… ‘Dream collaboration’ again

As reported by Spotify News on the 10th, Suga will be releasing a new song in collaboration with IU

1. They will release the song around mid-April right? Can’t wait

2. I wonder what it would be like if IU featured in Suga’s song

3. It’s the best combination

4. Hul, I wish IU appeared on Suchwita!!!!

5. I think the song will come out before the tour!!!!!!!!!!

6. Really??????????? Crazy

7. And please perform together on stage this time

8. They will dominate the music charts again

9. Is it the title track of the solo album…? Of course, this combination is amazing, but it would be nice if only Suga sang the title song

10. Wow, this is happening again

11. Wow, crazy ㅠㅠㅠ Awesome ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

12. Hul, I got goosebumps

13. The two of them are my favorite artists, can’t wait

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Saint Seungri

worst boring+ most boring= 2xboring


it’s amazing how you never miss a bts article. the joblessness/obsession is out of this world

Saint Seungri

thats my job im kpop expert 🙂


We understand that you are obsessed with BTS, it happens to everyone. 

Saint Seungri

sorry no i’m a healthy sane person unlike the zombie army 🙂


Clearly 💀


wow!!!! how do you have so many free time to create many accounts?
help your parents once in a while please, sitting in the basement too long is not good for yur health. sunlight will do wonders


Number one fan behavior


here comes bts’s n1 fan 💜


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Last edited 17 days ago by WillowEmilia

Suga + IU was great, so I’m glad they’re collaborating again. 


They should date


IU currently dating actor lee jong suk. IU n suga can a be just a good friend.


Male and female can be a friend duh. And its rude to say this since iu have bf


Eight literally never gets old. Perfect song to drive to!! And now another one for the books might be coming our way, iktr~~ Can’t wait!! 🥰


Meaning iu being the queen of charity🤣🤣

Saint Seungri

at least iu is true celebrity singer unlike 7 mediaplay goblins 🙂

Last edited 18 days ago by Saint Seungri
Tobi BTS

Babe have you ever thought about getting a life and enjoying life. I am an ARMY but I always see your ass first in every BTS related post before I even interact with the post. Every human got one life to live, and if you are gonna waste yours talking about 7 successful men, be my guest. No matter the stupid things you say, BTS would always be BTS💯💯 and your ass will always be wretched and miserable…. Carry on fam🥰🥰


says the one who stans seungri 💩

White cat

Stay miserable. Its suitable look for you.


suga’s toe is 100000 times more famous than her lmaoooo 😂
she is big in korea but nobody gives a fuck about her outside unlike yoongi who is the global star here 💜
you tried to look smart but you ended up embarrassing yourself


who’s gonna tell this clown that iu was the one who wanted to collab with him


her last song flopped ! as if yoongi needs someone . plz have some self respest his fame and achievements talk instead of him ! he gave so many artists many hits like psy iu & heize


for real! these idols along with suran achieved insane things thanks to yoongi’s producing skills . all of them thanked him too for collaborating with them


It’s actually the other way around honey. Suga is the one doing charity here


b!tch where??? iu will see international charts for the 1st time ever thanks to suga 😂😂😂😂😂
suga is doing charity here her best achievements in getting an irrelevant daesang! we are talking about THE BTS HERE & GRAMMY NOMINNEES


Another banger incoming

It's whatever

Smart move. IU has Korean public and suga international.
I’m not sure about records but they’ll probably do better if it’s Suga’s single


More BTS music we are so well fed 🤸🏼‍♀️


I wonder if it’ll be another feature or if he’s going to only producing (like with OMI and Heize) or both. In any case, can’t wait for him to put out another bop!

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