What netizens say about BTS Suga releasing his solo album on April 21

BTS Suga’s solo album will be released on April 21

“D-DAY,” which marks the final installment in Suga’s “Agust D” trilogy, is due out on April 21 at 1 p.m. KST

Suga will also be dropping a pre-release track on April 7 ahead of the album’s release

1. BTS fans are so busy

2. Finally, can’t wait

3. I have no money,,, wait,,, Yoongi, I will try to make money from selling org*ns

4. The pre-release song will feature IU, right????

5. Wow, I used to fantasize about IU featuring in Suga’s solo song, but it’s true now

7. I still really can’t believe this

8. Yoongi, let’s go

9. Crazy, I love Suga’s songs so much

10. Can’t wait for his solo album

11. I’m sure Suga’s solo album will be a masterpiece

12. I’m looking forward to his album

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Bla bla

Well can’t wait for it , so the order for the next solo album is yoongi, jungkook and taehyung and i guess jungkook’s and taehyung’s is either gonna released at May or June ?

And is there a song with iu featuring it in the album ?


there are several media outlets announced that yoongi and iu will be releasing another song together few weeks ago so I’m assuming it will be on this album.

Honesty I feel like either Tae or JK will be releasing their album during fall/winter season tbh. One of them probably would choose these months, I’m leaning more towards Tae tbh for choosing these months for his album. I don’t think we’ll get any solo album in May-July tbh. Unless someone is aiming to release an album during summer


JK will probably aim for summer hit


I think jungkook solo probably around august. So, he may have debut performance at VMA. V solo probably around may or june.


not even a month preorder period for this, not enough period of time for fanbases to collect funds for this pre-release too omg, I think the pre-release will be with IU for them to release it this week too, I hope the fandom can keep the same effort we put on Jimin on Yoongi too. If this track is with IU, I think we can be confident that it will do well on kr charts.

But this means that Jungkook will be the next one to release his album then if we’re going to what he said in that Festa video. Eek anyway so excited for this album, documentary and the tour too !!! hoping everything to go well


Excited. Well get both yoongi and August d. D day


Welp, looks like my wallet’s going on a diet again this month. At least my ears will be fed.


suga’s trying to save bts name after all the hate they get because of jimin


A whole sold out tour date happened before jimin kpop twt mess their career really doesnt revolve around you babe


Jimin about to debut no1 hot100 n no one outside kpop tweet care about that forced hates.


and freefall next week. wbk


Doesnt change the fact you n your faves want that no1 or even enter top20 lmao.


My fave jisoo entered the chat


i already preordered it…


With the tour about to start, it was obvious that he was going to release his album close in time to promote it.


I thought they are going to continue promoting other members the same way as they did with Jimin. I guess he’s not the favourite here lol


iu queen of doing charity 🥰


so he is the Next Flop .collaborating with IU. He is fcking scared to release album without collaboration with most Popular Artists.


Suga came to end tankpink even more after Jimin. We love a double tap kill on my mid faves

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