What netizens say about EXO ‘Cream Soda’ MV

EXO ‘Cream Soda’ MV

1. I’m listening to the song, and it’s so good ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

2. I love the song, it’s crazy

3. Do Kyungsoo dances so well

4. Wow the song is so good

5. I love the song, it’s sad that Kai isn’t there ㅠㅠ

6. D.O. is handsome, I think Kai would suit this song too

7. Hul Baekhyun is so good

8. Do Kyungsoo’s part is so good

9. Do Kyungsoo, why is he so good at dancing?

10. The song is good, Do Kyungsoo is good at dancing

11. EXO’s vocals are really amazing

12. Do Kyungsoo is amazing, he’s good at dancing too

13. Wow, I fell in love with the song as soon as I heard it for the first time

14. The song is so good, I want to see the stage soon

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I liked it! It’s a very EXO sounding song, and the vocals are vocaling as per usual. Happy to see them back as a group 🙂

I hope SM will promote them well for this comeback and going forward. They deserve it!

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blinks need to shut the fuck up actually

eh wasn’t impressed but it’s definitely better than their last release.. don’t fight the feeling, was it? there’s an improvement overall, so good for them


song’s shit just like them and their fans.


With shit results lol


You’re just bitter coz your bias ain’t got the balls to sing live lol go and watch Exo on the Killing Voice on YouTube and prepare for your funeral, u jealous ftard lol.


I just knew it was another flop in the making xD

uga uga

nah that would be you having a kid


Sorry I don’t planning having kids so, I will never flop. Meanwhile, exoflop always proven themselves flop, in every cb…


Do you even know what you’re saying? Hahaha gosh u people ain’t updated with EXO better stfu. There’s every platform available on the net for free, search and read up! You’re just here spreading hate about EXO who are undeniably the VOCAL KINGS in the industry. Watch Exo ‘Killing Voice’ on YouTube u gonna end up crying and sulking your heart to the core.

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