What netizens say about EXO’s Kai dancing to NewJeans ‘Hype Boy’

EXO’s Kai dances to ‘Hype Boy’ in real time

Feel My Rhythm ㅋㅋ

1. As expected, Kai dances so well

2. I can feel that he is on another level just by looking at his movements

3. He dances so well, but why is he shy?

4. I thought about it before, I think he can use his arm so well

5. He’s so good at controlling his movements… He has good physique, so his dance is really interesting

6. Honestly, there’s a reason why he’s one of the top idol dancers

7. Kai is really good at dancing

8. Wow, Kai’s dance is so pretty

9. Wow, I really like it, he’s sexy and cute.. His body looks so light!!!!!

10. No, he dances so softly and gracefully, Kai, why are you so good at dancing?

11. Maybe because he’s from SM, Feel My Rhythm suits him well

12. He’s so good at dancing, but if you look at the choreography, he resembles Park Jin Young

13. I wish he could upload it to YouTube

14. The position of the king of dance is still Kai’s

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