What netizens say about former NMIXX member Jinni opening Instagram

Former NMIXX member Jinni opened Instagram


1. Is she still a celebrity? I really wonder why she left the group

2. She looks like Jeon Soyeon in the third picture. I hope she gets better in the future

3. Her image has changed

4. She looks like STAYC Yoon

5. Jinni-ah, just do whatever you want

6. She stood out in NMIXX, what a pity..

7. She looks like Song Hye Kyo and looking at these pictures, I think of STAYC Yoon?

8. NMIXX is coming back as a 6-member group for the first time, and today the news about Jinni came out. I’m curious, but this is strange

9. I can see Han So Hee’s vibes

10. Her style is better now, she’s getting prettier and prettier

11. Does she want to be an actress?? Her image looks like that of an actress

12. I guess she just doesn’t want to be an idol

13. She looks a bit like Song Hye Kyo

14. Is she still a celebrity?

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