What netizens say about ITZY ‘SNEAKERS’ MV


1. I like the song, it suits ITZY so well

2. I love the song, it’s perfect for summer

3. The song is good and the choreography is good, so I’m looking forward to their stage on music shows

4. I wish they had a song that was as influential as ‘DALLA DALLA’

5. Ryujin’s intro is really good

6. The song is a bit boring, but I think it is good to listen to this summer

7. I like the song… I want to see their stage soon

8. I really like the song, I think it’s the best song lately

9. Honestly, it’s like a rookie group’s song from a small agency

10. It’s perfect from the MV to the outfits.. The song is cute and fun

11. Wow, Ryujin is great, I really like the introㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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