What Netizens Say About IVE ‘I AM’ Official M/V

IVE ‘I AM’ Official M/V

1. Wow, it’s much better than Kitsch. The MV is really beautiful ㅠㅠ

2. Wow Yujin-ah….. What can’t you do?

3. Wow crazy, the song is so good, everyone is pretty

4. It’s the best song ever

5. The song is so good and the kids are so cute and pretty

6. Wow, the lyrics, music video, choreography and visuals of the song are all good

7. The song is so good… Yujin is so pretty

8. The song is good, the MV is beautiful

9. Wonyoung is so cool

10. The song is really good, but I don’t know if they can perform it live because the song is too high

11. It’s the best of all the IVE songs released so far, it’s a song that makes you feel overwhelmed

12. Wow, the song is better than I expected

13. Their song is good and their visuals are crazy

14. The song is so good.. The music video is crazy too… The kids are so pretty

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