What netizens say about LE SSERAFIM denying plagiarism regarding Rosalia

LE SSERAFIM denies plagiarism regarding Rosalia, “unique creation”

Kim Chaewon, “LE SSERAFIM’s songs and concepts contain our stories and messages. I would appreciate it if you would consider it as our unique creation and watch it.”

1. No, why did the member answer this question? Wow the company is crazy…

2. Crazy, the scammers at HYBE are always asking artists to do what they should’ve done

3. The composer and the people in charge should come out and tell us about this

4. It’s a brazen answer..

5. Why do they use the members as shields?? What is the company doing?

6. Crazy, the company doesn’t have the mindset to protect singers… ? I was wondering what the company is thinking about this controversy, but it seems they don’t know…

7. At least I hope the producer or the person who wrote the song tells me about this…

8. Wow, the member answered this question? Is the company being too irresponsible? What is their company doing?

9. HYBE always hides behind singers

10. Kim Chaewon didn’t even come up with this concept, so why did they make the members explain it?

11. The members are the most pitiful

12. No, what kind of statement was made by the artist…? Is the company crazy…?

13. They really have no shame

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