What netizens say about LE SSERAFIM ‘Impurities’

LE SSERAFIM ‘Impurities’ M/V

1. The song is so good!!!! Kazuha is so pretty!!!!

2. The song is dreamy but the choreography is toughㅋㅋ I like all the songs in this album, LE SSERAFIM is amazing

3. I love this song and the choreography is good too…

4. Sakura dances so well

5. Chaewon has good proportions and dances well

6. I think this song suits Sakura the best, her expressions are really good

7. I really like this song

8. I love LE SSERAFIM these days. Each member is attractive, the members are all so good, I like the song and the choreography

9. Their choreography is really tight and amazing

10. The song is good and the choreography is good

11. This song suits Sakura’s image so well

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