What netizens say about Max Changmin becoming a father

Max Changmin, became a father… “Son is healthy, thank you”

Changmin’s wife gave birth to a baby boy on the afternoon of October 17

Both the mother and baby are healthy

1. Congratulations, let’s work harder in the future!!!

2. Congratulations to our Changmin! I always support you

3. I think he will be a good father. I hope he has a happy family

4. Congratulations on becoming a father!! I’m a bit shocked that they’ve been married for 2 years ㅋㅋ Time flies so fast

5. I didn’t even know his wife was pregnant… so congratulations!!!!!

6. I liked him when I was in elementary school, but time flies so fast

7. He lives quietly and happily, I’m jealous

8. Oh my God!! Congratulations!! I’m sure you will be a great dad!!

9. I forgot he was married, so congratulations

10. He’s really sincere and takes good care of himself. Congratulations!

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