What Netizens Say About NewJeans ‘New Jeans’ Official MV

NewJeans ‘New Jeans’ Official MV

1. The song, the video and the members are all good

2. NewJeans’ planning power is crazy

3. So good~ I want to listen to the album soon

4. Min Heejin really seems to be a genius

5. It was like an intro song, but they did a music video. NewJeans is so interesting

6. I really like the song and the MV is so cute

7. The quality of the music video is insane

8. Wow the song and concept are so good

9. The song is good and the music video quality is crazy, so I keep watching the video… It’s great to have a group like NewJeans

10. I think elementary and middle school students will love it

11. Wow, NewJeans is unique, seriously

12. The song is good and the MV is good too, I’m looking forward to this album

13. NewJeans is seriously a legend of all time

14. The song is good and Haerin is so cute and pretty

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