What netizens say about NewJeans ‘OMG’ encore stage on Inkigayo

NewJeans ‘OMG’ 1st place encore video on Inkigayo

Danielle – Hyein – Hanni – Minji – Haerin

1. Hanni and Danielle are so good, Hyein is amazing. Minji and Haerin are good too, everyone is good

2. Wow, looks like Hanni is in her 10th year of debut

3. I think they will do even better later on as they hone their skills. I’m looking forward to it

4. Hanni sings live so well

5. Hanni and Danielle are so good

6. Hanni is good at dancing and singing

7. Everyone sings live well, Hanni and Danielle’s voices are amazing

8. Everyone is doing well, Danielle did better than I thought

9. Hanni is the best, she plays the guitar so well

10. I was surprised that Hyein did a lot better than I thought

11. Hanni is truly a treasure

12. I think Hanni is the best at dancing, but she’s also the best at singing

13. Hanni’s voice is so good

14. All 5 of them did well but Hanni’s voice is especially good

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Hanni’s confidence and skills, just wow! She hits all the low and high notes with ease and her comfort on stage is just a killer


be serious only hanni did well, but they will call us because only the group pick me now from korea, he asked me what would happen if this was twice bp or IVE


i don’t even understand what you’re trying to say here lol


‘they will call us because only the group pick me now from Korea’

wdym ? do you forgot to turn off autocorrect cause that sentence didn’t make sense

Hi, I'm Guest

I felt like I’m reading those translated Chinese novel on Wattpad 🤣


Tf are you saying.. They who?? He who???



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